Friday, 1 August 2014

1 step forward...

... and two steps back.

Why does it always seem, when you make some progress, it's all undone in the blink of an eye and you start off at square one again. 

The one thing I'm most annoyed by is that Logan still feeds every 2 hours. After 4 months he still feeds as a newborn does. Maybe annoyed is the wrong word to use, frustrated? Bothered? Miffed? Discouraged? Maybe none of these words. Maybe all. It's hard to explain. It's not his fault obviously, I just thought by this point he would have spread his feeds out a bit and it might be every 3 or 4 hours. 

It's very hard to acheive anything when your baby feeds every 2 hours for up to an hour at a time. It's not that I resent feeding him. Of course I don't. If he needs fed every 2 hours then that's what I'll do, that's my job. However when you see other women talking about all the places they go with their wee one, and the day trips and shopping trips and days out with the family and it's kind of disappointing. I'm not saying it's impossible. We can do these things. It just feels 100x more difficult. It's feels like the minute I leave the house Logan needs fed again. I can't just nip out to the shops, it's got to be timed to perfection. 

Anyway that wasn't the point of the post, though writing it down does give me a bit of perspective and realise I'm moaning about nothing. 

So the point is I thought we were gettig passed it. I thought we were starting to get somewhere. I had a nice shopping trip out with my mum and he didn't completely lose the plot the second he wanted fed, I changed him and fed him successfully and then he went to sleep in his pram and was generally happy and contented. For a few days he was going an extra half hour between some feeds and it felt like we were making progress. I started to gain a bit of confidence. I stopped worrying that after being out the house for 2 minutes he would start crying because he was starting to get hungry. He even went a few days where he napped during the day! I thought it was a miracle. And then it all stopped.

He started teething and we had one day where he pretty much cried every second he wasn't being fed and this carried us back to square one. 

So the point of this rant: why, when you feel like you're finally making progress, does something always obstruct that progress?

Kirsty x

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