Wednesday, 6 August 2014

20 Facts About Me #BEDAOutmumbered

1. I have a 4 month old son
2. I have been in love with the same boy since I was 14
3. I have an obsessive personality. If I love something I go all out.
4. I named my cat after Minerva McGonagall
5. I have had the same bestfriend since I was 13.
6. I'm really close to my mum and I don't think my pregnancy/having a baby would have been so easy if it wasn't for her
7. Although I'm quite creative I don't have a great imagination.
8. I have 5 Harry Potter wands. See no.3. 
9. I have a horrendous fear of my 'stringy bit' the tendon bit at the back of your knee/leg that feels like a bit of string. 
10. I'm very patriotic. I love Scotland and I'd never want to leave.
11. I day dream about winning the lottery and what I'd do with the winnings a lot. I've only played the lottery twice in my whole life.
12. I'm allergic to oranges.
13. My memory is atrocious.
14. I have seen McFly live 17 times. See no.3 again haha.
15. My favourite book, apart from the Harry Potter series is 50 Shades of Grey. *ooh er ;)
16. I hate people that don't take other people's opinions/feelings into consideration.
17. When making decisions I always think about it from someone else's point of view. I think it's because I care too much about what other people think.
18. I have a freckle right in the middle of the sole of my foot. 
19. I get nose bleeds a lot when I'm stressed.
20. I believe 'love is all you need'

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