Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Changing Table Set-Up

When I was prgnant I found this kind of post fascinating. Mainly because I'm nosey but also I found it really helpful to see other people's set up and start to plan how I might have these things.

So for all those like-minded people here is my changing table set-up.

We have the Rialto 3 drawer from Mamas and Papas with the changing table on top. We would never have had enough space for a seperate changing unit in Logan's room and I had seen a couple of set ups like this and thought this would suit us best. So I use the top drawer of his chest of drawers to house all his changing stuff. I used glass jars and drawer organisers from Ikea to help keep everything in it's place and so far it's working really well for us.

The changing mat is also from mamas and papas, it was on sale and I'm sure it was around the £7 mark. I did see loads of cute changing mats with towelling on them and pillows etc but I am so glad I went for a plain, wipe clean one like this. With the amount of times this been pee'd on one with towelling down the middle would have been ridiculously impractical.

I bought these 3 big jars from Ikea which hold cotton buds, round cotton pads and cotton wool balls. These are really good for keeping these little things together and great for seeing when you are running out. I had envisaged putting these jars on a shelf but we live in a rented flat and aren't allowed to put holes on the wall, and the work just fine in the drawer. We also have a pack of swim nappies which have yet to be used. Also a cotton wool pleat, which is just a big roll of cotton wool that you can rip off as much as you need. I thought this would be really useful for drying wet bums etc, turns out all the cotton wool just sticks to his bum and makes more of a mess, so now it gets used to dry the mat when it's had the 'sprinkler' treatment.

So here we have 2 square of the organizers. In the back one lives nappy bags. I was given ones from Tesco at my baby shower which are quite thick and seem quite good quality but I honestly prefer the cheap ones from Asda. They're something like 50p? They aren't scented they are just plain blue/green bags. Pretty thin but sturdy. In the front square we just have random bits and bobs, sudocream, a comb, a brush, a horrible hard sponge that needs chucked in the bin and a card thermometer thing that's never been used. Turns out I'm not as scared about bath temperatures as I thought I would be. 

In this long rectangle I keep muslin clothes. Just the small square ones, I keep his Aden & Anais swaddle blankets on the cupboard. We have a 5 pack from Marks & Spencers with blue or orange stars on and some plain white ones from Asda. These just get used to mop up dribbley chins and the rare baby sick.

And in the last rectangle we have wipes. I have quite a few different kinds even though we only use Johnson's. We tried the Huggies ones but they gave Logan a very red bum because they are a lot stiffer. So we just stick to these. 

And that is our set up. Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have a similar set up? Or any other tips on how I could arrange things differently?

Kirsty x

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