Friday, 15 August 2014

If You Won The Lottery #BEDAOutmumbered

I dream about this quite a lot, for someone who doesn't play the lottery. I'd love to win enough that I could comfortably buy all the things I needed to buy then live quite happily for the rest of my life, leaving enough for my son to never have any money worries. £60M? Would that be enough?

First thing I would do is build my own house. I'd need to decide where, but I'd build my own house in the country somewhere.
Then we would get married. Not a huge thing but it would be lavish. The best of the best, for the best people in my life. 
Then I'd probably buy/build our parents houses. Then I'd buy/build houses for all our siblings. The same for my best friend then set them up with enough money that they wouldn't need to worry about money. 
Then while our house was being built we would travel. Adventure across the whole world. See all the beautiful cities in Europe, America anywhere we wanted. 
Then I'd come home and spend forever furnishing my house. That might possibly be my favourite part.
Then I'd quite happily live for the rest of my life, enjoying my life.
... Not that I've thought about it or anything. 

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