Monday, 18 August 2014

What Are Your Ten Favourite Foods #BEDAOutmumbered

Everything? Anything that isn't vegetables or red meat?

1. Crisps - I can't even be specific to a brand or even a flavour because there are so many different ones I love. Prawn cocktail, tomato sauce, Skips, Doritoes, Sensations, Pringles, Monster Munch, you name it, I love it.

2.Diam Bars - I could eat these by the bucketload. Actually I could probably eat most of what's on this list by the bucketload. I don't have a good grasp of 'too much' 

3. Shepards Pie - Specifically when Gav makes it. I don't really like mince (even though that and chicken is all we eat, but I LOVE his Shepards Pie. Best Shepards Pie maker around! 

4. Penne Arabiata - I realised quite recently that if this features on a resteraunt menu, this is what I will order,

5. Americano Pizza - from Pizza Hut specifically. BBQ yum. Sweet corn yum. Chicken yum. What more could you want on a pizza.

6. Barbecue flavoured anything - especially on burgers. I love it really.

7. Cheesy Pasta - When I go back to my mums for dinner this is what she'll usually make me. Can't beat pasta in a delicious cheesy sauce.

8. Biscuits - again I don't really have a concept of 'enough is enough' when it comes to biscuits, I could gladly eat the whole packet. Especially Tunnocks Caramel Waffers.

9. Homemade burgers - Gavin will pretend he's making me a McDonald's happy meal, and make my burgers really thin, chop up onion, stick on some tomato sauce and mustard and voila, nearly tastes like a McDonald's! Not quite the same thing but FAR better for me than an actual McDonalds.

10. CAKE - Choclate, caramel, bannoffee, cherry, Madeira, cheese. Just any type of cake really. 

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