Wednesday, 6 August 2014

15 Things That Make You Happy #BEDAOutmumbered

1. Getting to sit down and have a hot cup of tea or coffee
2. Having a warm shower
3. Driving nowhere singing along to the radio, really loudly (badly)
4. When someone tells me how beautiful my son is
5. Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewells
6. Getting in to a freshly made bed
7. When Gavin's mum doesn't refer to people as Gavin's Aunty... And just refers to them as Aunty so and so. 
8. 100% battery
9. Getting so into a TV Series I sit and watch nearly a whole season in a day.
10. Watching Harry Potter
11. Shopping trips with my mum
12. Being able to cheer someone up
13. When Logan naps
14. When my parents need me to go home and fix their phones/iPad/computer/technology in general
15. Exciting days out 

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