Sunday, 31 August 2014

Our First Swimming Experience

From a young age I remember going swiming with my dad and brother most weekends. It was kind of our thing, we would go and visit my gran and papa then dad would take us swiming and we loved it. Both my brother and I have always been very competent swimmers, very comfortable and capable in the water and I think swiming from a young age really helped us.

Therefor I knew I wanted to get Logan used to the water fairly quickly. My partner is also very sporty and is a really good swimmer (even better than me) so we were both keen to get Logan in the pool. I had done the usual research and read the guidelines on taking a baby swiming. The NHS website advise that you can pretty much take a baby swimming at any age. The chlorine in the pool kills of 99.9% of any germs in the water so it is irrelevant if the child has been vaccinated or not. I did some research into the pools in our local area, most advised not to take your baby swimming before the 6 month mark but I felt this was a bit long and I knew plenty of mothers who had taken their baby swiming long before the 6 month mark. 

I knew the heat of the pool was a very important factor. It is advised to take a baby in a pool of around 32 degrees. Usually a pool is around 28-30 degrees so places with specific baby pools were better for temperature. I soon realised that our local pool was actually going to be best as it had a specific baby pool and a training pool that were both 32 degrees.

When it actually came to it we put it off for a couple of weeks. My partner works on a 4 on, 4 off rotation at work and when it came to his 4 off I always managed to put off going. I'm not sure if it's because I was nervous or I just knew it was the wrong time but I'm glad I did. I'm sure if we'd taken Logan much earlier our first trip wouldn't have been as succesful as it was. 

Over the weeks Logan's becoming much more content as a baby. 2 months ago you could barely leave him on his own or he'd be crying and upset. However as he weeks progress he is becoming much more happy and placid. I think this really contributed to our good experience.

I had fully set myself up for our first trip to the pool to be a short one. I had read that sometimes a baby will only be happy in the pool for 10 minutes before they get cold and tired. So I was pleseantly surprised when our first trip was nearly half an hour long. We chose to take him straight into the training pool as it was 0.75M deep. The baby pool was only about 5 inches deep with different little sections and a little slide, I didn't think he'd get much enjoyment out of it. 

So straight into the pool we went. At first he was a bit apprehensive. A swimming pool is a scary place for a little guy. He soon relaxed however and started to enjoy floating about in the water. We werent too adventurous, we stayed relatively calm and just bounced him about the water, holding him while he floated on his back then pulled him along on his front. Then for the dreaded dunk. Baby's have the natural ability to hold their breath underwater so I read that it was a good idea to fully submerge them underwater to prevent them being scared of the water on their face or being fully under the water. I thought it was best to keep this right till the end just incase he didn't like it and got himself upset. Turns out he didn't mind it at all! 

As usual I prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful my little boy is.

Do you have any funny swimming pool experiences? I'd love to hear about your babies first pool time in the pool.

Kirsty x

Friday, 29 August 2014

Breaking A Habit

Logan has always been a really good sleeper at night. From very early on he slept from 10-5/6 now he usually sleeps from 9pm to 7am then usually goes back down from 8am till 10/11am, which is fantastic. We still haven't managed to conquer sleeping during the day which can sometimes lead to a very grumpy little man. However I can handle that when he sleeps so well at night.

The problem I'm now facing is trying to change anything about him sleeping at night. I appreciate the sleep I get at night sooo much that I'm too apprehensive to change anything about it incase it disturbs his sleeping pattern. 

From day one we've been swaddlers. Maybe that has contributed to him sleeping so well at night. He always seemed to prefer being wrapped up ti
ght when he slept. Which up until now has been great, no problems. However now he's beginning to get more mobile. He hasn't quite mastered rolling from his back to his tummy, but he isn't far off it. When this day finally arrives the swaddling will need to stop. His arms need to be free incase he manages to roll over in his sleep and he would need them to push himself back over.

So I think I'm going to try a gradual approach. Try loosening the swaddle or try only swaddling his legs and leave his arms free to see how well he gets on. But what if it's a disaster? What if he can't sleep without being swaddled? What if everytime he moves he wakes himself up because he isn't wrapped up? I'm not sure I'll cope if I have a baby that can't sleep at night and won't sleep during the day. The day is fast approaching when I'll have to bite the bullet and loose the swaddle. How long can I put this day off I wonder?
Do you still swaddle? Have you succeeded in losing the swaddle? I'd love to hear about your experience!

Kirsty x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

5 Of Your Favourite Posts #BEDAOutmumbered

This is a really hard one to do when I'm blogging from my phone and can't link them easily!

1. 4 Month Update

2. My Labour

3. Our weaning journey so far

4. Is breastfeeding aimed at the wealthy

5. My Pregnancy

Monday, 25 August 2014

Capture A Moment In Your Day #BEDAOutmumbered

I got a hair cut! It's a good 3 inches shorter. Hopefully I won't notice so much when it falls out and it'll be a lot easier to manage!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sum Yourself Up In 10 Words #BEDAOutmumbered

I find things like this really difficult so I asked my best friend Erin to sum me up in 10 words.
She said: You are my best friend and I love you forever. 

Lovely as it is I didn't really think that gave you much insight into me as a person so I asked Gavin.
He said: I don't know, this will help... And played me an accoustic version of John Legends All of Me. Kinda cute I guess but not really what I was looking for.

So I guess I need to think of my own ten?!
I think I am: loving, helpful, lazy, stubborn, patient, stroppy, obsessive, perfectionist, planner and Mummy <3 

1 year ago today...

... My life changed, forever.

I woke up and contemplated taking a pregnancy test because my period was late. Though it usually was a day or 2 late now and again, so I wasn't overly concerned. Gavin was working at the time so I text my best friend and she convinced my to take a pregnancy test even though she was 2,000 miles away in a boat, somewhere on the Mediternean Sea. I did one before work and my dreams were made. And the rest they say is history! 

Kirsty x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

What Are You Looking Forward Too? #BEDAOutmumbered

 I can't wait for Logan's 1st Christmas. By then he will be 8 months old and although I think he's still too young to fully appreciate Christmas and everything that happens I think he will be more aware of what's going on and more able to communicate with us. He's the first baby in our close family so although I'm not sure of our plans for the day just yet I know it will consist of Logan getting spoiled rotten! 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Share An Old Photo Of Yourself #BEDAOutmumbered

I always think I was a really cute child then I don't know what happened to me. This is my signature bowl cut that I still get teased about to this day! 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What Is The Best Thing To Have Happened This Year? #BEDAOutmumbered

09/04/2014 16:05

There not a day that goes by since that date that my baby hasn't done something to astound me. He is the most wonderful creature I have even know to exist. By far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hair Loss!

Its not something you want to be talking about at 24 but it's happening! Thankfully I quickly found out that it's a common occurrence postpartum and will usually stop by your baby's first birthday. However that doesn't make it much easier to deal with!

At first it was just really annoying. It started about 2 months after I gave birth. I stupidly dyed my hair with a home dye kit. Something I've done a lot before I was pregnant and never had any problems. My hair was a bit lifeless and boring and I wanted to do something nice, for me. How stupid was I! I thought at first it was just the old dead hair falling out and it was stop within a few days. 2 months later and it's still falling out. It's not just a strand here are there. I wash my hair every day, I wish i didn't need to but I do. It feels like there's more hair going down the plug than on my head! And don't get me started on how often I need to unblock the plug hole! GROSS! When I dry my hair after the shower I am literally covered in hair. My cream carpet? COVERED.  

I'm starting to get a widows peak! That wasn't there 4 months ago.

Therefor I've booked to get my hair cut on Monday. I've contemplated getting it cut really short. Like pixie cut short. But I don't have the guts to do that. I think a long bob is about as short as I can go. Though I wear my hair up constantly now, so what difference does it make. 

Have you experienced something similar? Please tell me it stopped eventually! 
Kirsty x

Our weaning experience so far

I think I'm a very instinctive person. Most of the time, if I feel something is going on, it usually is. If I felt something wasn't right, it wasn't. I could assess situations really quickly and know what was going on without anyone actually telling me. So that was always something I wanted to apply to being a mother.

Throughout pregnancy, wether it's wanted or not, people want to give you advice. During my pregnancy I always had people telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing, feeling, eating, thinking. Most of which I didn't listen to, some of which I did. However that didn't stop when I had my baby. People who don't even have children think they know what it's like to have children. Thankfully the two people who's advice I do listen to, my mum and Gavin's mum, were never like that through my pregnancy and haven't been like that since Logan was born. My mum always said from the outset she would never try and tell me what to do with my child. That was something I appreciated. Being a new parent is hard enough without your own mother thinking she knows how to parent your child better than you do.

However with that said the questions around weaning arose. 
'So when will you start solids?' 
'You were on solids from 10 weeks' 
'Maybe putting him on solids would stop him feeding so often' 
Without trying to convince me I knew my mum thought I should start him on solids relatively early. Everywhere I looked however, all I could see was everyone saying 'Don't do it till 6 months' and at 3 months that seemed like a hell of a long way away!

Then came the health visitor. At 4 months she came out to talk about weaning. She gave me the official NHS stance of 'No solids till 6 months' then she gave me her honest opinion. Bigger babies might need solids before 6 months. She told me not to do it before 17 weeks. To preferably wait till he was at least 20 weeks but that I'd know. I'd know when it was the right time. That was all I needed to remind me that he's MY child. Health proffesionals may suggest one thing, your mother might suggest another and I sometimes forget that I know best. They don't call it Mothers Intuition for nothing. So at 18 weeks and two days, Logan had his first taste of something more than milk (forget that one time Gavin let him lick chocolate spread off the end of a spoon). 

So far it's been the best decision. As usual I've prepared myself for the worst, so anything less than horrendous has been a pleasant surprise. I anticipated there being porridge all over the floor, the walls, me, Logan. Everywhere. When in actual fact he took it like he's being eating solids for years. He's not quite fully mastered taking food off the spoon. Sometimes he forgets what to do and starts licking it off the top of the spoon. Other than that we've had no major problems. 

He seems to really be enjoying it. We're taking it slowly, he gets one bowl in the morning/early afternoon, twice I've tried to give him another bowl in the afternoon which hasn't been succesful because he's teething so both times he was getting upset because his mouth was sore and I didn't want to stress him out anymore. We will take it slowly, it may take us a while to work up to different flavours and textures but so far we've had baby rice and porridge and he's enjoyed them both.

We decided to try the baby rice, creamy porridge and banana porridge from Aptamil (it was 3 for £5 or else I wouldn't have bought all 3) once he has the hang of those I will start to prepare his fruit and vegetables for him as I would like to know what he's consuming. Though I wouldn't say no to the tins and pouches you can buy at the super market. They may be handy when we are in a rush or going away for the day etc. Who knows. I'll wait and see what happens at the time. His high chair is the Mamas and Papas Pesto Deluxe Folding High Chair, usually £49.99 which I thought was a really good price so imagine my delight when we went to buy it and it's on offer for £43.99! 

I don't claim to be an expert. I do believe that health proffesionals know best and that in most cases waiting till the 6 month mark may be best for most babies. But not all. Go with your gut. Mummy knows best.

What are your weaning stories? Did you start early? Was it a success? Was it a disaster? I'd love to hear your experience.
Kirsty x

Monday, 18 August 2014

What Are Your Ten Favourite Foods #BEDAOutmumbered

Everything? Anything that isn't vegetables or red meat?

1. Crisps - I can't even be specific to a brand or even a flavour because there are so many different ones I love. Prawn cocktail, tomato sauce, Skips, Doritoes, Sensations, Pringles, Monster Munch, you name it, I love it.

2.Diam Bars - I could eat these by the bucketload. Actually I could probably eat most of what's on this list by the bucketload. I don't have a good grasp of 'too much' 

3. Shepards Pie - Specifically when Gav makes it. I don't really like mince (even though that and chicken is all we eat, but I LOVE his Shepards Pie. Best Shepards Pie maker around! 

4. Penne Arabiata - I realised quite recently that if this features on a resteraunt menu, this is what I will order,

5. Americano Pizza - from Pizza Hut specifically. BBQ yum. Sweet corn yum. Chicken yum. What more could you want on a pizza.

6. Barbecue flavoured anything - especially on burgers. I love it really.

7. Cheesy Pasta - When I go back to my mums for dinner this is what she'll usually make me. Can't beat pasta in a delicious cheesy sauce.

8. Biscuits - again I don't really have a concept of 'enough is enough' when it comes to biscuits, I could gladly eat the whole packet. Especially Tunnocks Caramel Waffers.

9. Homemade burgers - Gavin will pretend he's making me a McDonald's happy meal, and make my burgers really thin, chop up onion, stick on some tomato sauce and mustard and voila, nearly tastes like a McDonald's! Not quite the same thing but FAR better for me than an actual McDonalds.

10. CAKE - Choclate, caramel, bannoffee, cherry, Madeira, cheese. Just any type of cake really. 

What Do You Collect? #BEDAoutmumbered

Cinema tickets. I have every cinema ticket from every film I've seen since Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in 2009. And I've went through periods of my life where I went to the cinema at least once a week! So as you can imagine that's a fair few cinema tickets. It's a bit of a stupid thing to collect thought cause the majority of them are printed with a heat printer so they fade really easily. there's some you can barely read now they've faded so badly. I don't really have a need for them anymore, not that I've ever really had a need for them, but I can't bring myself to throw them out. Who knows what I'll do with them now.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Timeline Of Your Day #BEDAOutmumbered

So today was a total fail. I was full of good intentions. I knew I was going shopping with my mum so I'd take some snaps of Logan looking cute in his wee chino's and t-shirt number that he was sporting today. We would take some selphies. I'd take an artsy photo of my Frappe at Starbucks. I'd take some photos with my mum and this post would be great. And then I forgot.

Well I didn't forget as such but Logan was teething badly today so all thoughts of anything else went out the window. When I say bad teething day I mean monumental. Worst day so far. Without a doubt. I can't blame him cause his two wee front bottom teeth are coming. They haven't quite cut through yet, but they are there. I can see them, lurking, waiting to make an appearance, and making my little baby thoroughly miserable. The teething toys worked for all of 2 minutes, the teething gel helped for all of 5 minutes and the calpol for all of 10. So all in all the shopping trip was a bit stressy, since we've been home all he has done is feed, cuddle and grump and not one picture has been taken all day. 

So instead I will share a photo from yesterday. My best friend Erin decided to bring her boyfriend, Phil, down for the first time to meet Logan before they went on a jaunt to see some of Phils family. 

I love that having a baby hasn't changed my relationship with my best friend. In fact it's probably made it stronger. We still speak every day. We still share everything, but now she has my son to lavish all her love on too. And that makes me so happy.

Friday, 15 August 2014

If You Won The Lottery #BEDAOutmumbered

I dream about this quite a lot, for someone who doesn't play the lottery. I'd love to win enough that I could comfortably buy all the things I needed to buy then live quite happily for the rest of my life, leaving enough for my son to never have any money worries. £60M? Would that be enough?

First thing I would do is build my own house. I'd need to decide where, but I'd build my own house in the country somewhere.
Then we would get married. Not a huge thing but it would be lavish. The best of the best, for the best people in my life. 
Then I'd probably buy/build our parents houses. Then I'd buy/build houses for all our siblings. The same for my best friend then set them up with enough money that they wouldn't need to worry about money. 
Then while our house was being built we would travel. Adventure across the whole world. See all the beautiful cities in Europe, America anywhere we wanted. 
Then I'd come home and spend forever furnishing my house. That might possibly be my favourite part.
Then I'd quite happily live for the rest of my life, enjoying my life.
... Not that I've thought about it or anything. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Share A Picture Of Where You Live & Facts About It. #BEDAOutmumbered

So this is the view out of my living room window. I live in a town about 20 miles outside of Glasgow. What can I tell you that's remotely interesting about where I live. As you can see from the picture it rains a lot, as with most places in Scotland. We live in a 2 bedroom flat which does us just fine just now. When we save up enough money for a deposit (so like, never!) I'd love to buy a house round about us because it's a really nice, peaceful place.  

Monday, 11 August 2014

What Destinations Are Top Of Your Dream Travel List? #BEDAOutmumbered

America. It's the only place I would REALLY love to travel around. I'd like to visit places like Seattle, Wilmington North Carolina, Manhattan. Places where some of my favourite TV shows were made. Also Florida. I would LOVE to go to Florida!

Why Do You Blog? #BEDAOutmumbered

Becoming a first time mum can be really daunting. You are faced with a lot of things that you really know nothing about. Some people chose to read books on pregnancy and birthing books and books on how to care for a child but I chose to read blogs. Whenever I was unsure of something or wanted to see someone else's experience of something I'd take to the internet. So I thought if these women and these blogs really helped me, maybe I could help someone who was in a similar situation as me. And was born. Also through my whole pregnancy I had an obsession with buying baby socks. I won't need to buy Logan a pair of socks till he's 3 I have that many different pairs of socks. I love baby socks. Hence the name.

A Guilty Pleasure #BEDAOutmumbered

A mummy guilty pleasure - On Gavin's day's off I sometimes pretend that I'm still asleep when Logan wakes up so that Gavin will change him and I can spend an extra 5 minutes in bed. However when Gavin's working I always get up with him regardless of what time he wakes up so I think I'm entitled to a wee snooze every now and again. Wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, 10 August 2014

4 Month Update

Just look at that little face!!! It makes me want to burst with love. I can't believe we are at the four month stage already. Time flies when you are having fun.

Height: I don't know, I haven't had you measured since your 6 weeks check up and you've grown a lot since then. Maybe I should get the measuring tape out!

Weight: you are now 13lbs 10! You've put on a whole 2lbs since you were born. I don't think that seems like a lot but the Health Visitor said that was a good weight gain. She said you looked like you were thriving which was really great to hear.

Routine: still hasn't changed much from last month. You are still feeding every two hours during the day and still no naps!

Sleep: still continues to be really great at night. Usually from 10-7 then 8-10 even 11 sometimes. I think this is you making up for the fact you will rarely nap during the day. You will occasionally fall asleep after a feed but you will wake up after 15 minutes. You have maybe a managed a decent nap a handful of times through the month. However it's something to work on through the month cause I do worry that it's not doing you any good not napping.

Clothing: You are still in 3-6 month clothing. Trousers are starting to you a little better but still a bit baggy on the waist as shown in the picture above! You are still in size 3 nappies. I guess you could start wearing your 4-6 month stuff from H&M but there's still so much of your wardrobe you haven't worn. I hate going up a size like that when you've still got stuff from the lower level to wear (even though they are totally different sizes)

Likes: you are really starting to enjoy things a lot more. You're reaching for your you's now as apposed to you only touching then when they were put into your grasp. 
I really love seeing you holding onto things and pulling them towards you. Even if it is just to put them into your mouth. 

Dislikes: Still napping!

Milestones: You have started teething, you are dribbling like crazy and every other day usually you have a little cry cause your gums are sore. A little bit of teething gel usually does the trick if you don't lick it all off my finger instead. Definitely no teeth cutting through yet, but I wonder if it will be long. You have definitely been a bit more content this month. We managed a couple of shopping trips on our own and with Granny and you seemed a lot more happy to sit in your pram and play with your toys. We even had a day trip down to Moffat to see your Granny and Papa C in their caravan and were an angel all day. You even loved playing on the swings with daddy.

Love Mummy x

Friday, 8 August 2014

5 Favourite Movies #BEDAOutmumbered

I could be really boring really and just say Harry Potter 8, 7, 3, 5, 4 but if we leave Harry Potter and Twilight out of this I'd say:

1. The Proposal (Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock = comedy gold!)
2. She's The Man (some of the best quotes ever)
3. Pitch Perfect (singing, dancing and Skyler Astin, what more could you want in a film)
4. Safe Haven (Josh Duhammel. Perfect rom com eye candy)
5. Fast and Furious 6 (all 6 of them really but this was probably my fav PW<3)

3 Things You Have Checked Off Your Bucket List #BEDAOutmumbered

I guess I don't really have much of a bucket list, the only thing in life I really wanted to do was have a baby and I've done that!

 I've always had a musical bucket list of artists/bands I've always wanted to see. So I guess the three of the people I've checked off that list would be Elton John, The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen. The only person left on the list is Steve Wonder! 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

15 Things That Make You Happy #BEDAOutmumbered

1. Getting to sit down and have a hot cup of tea or coffee
2. Having a warm shower
3. Driving nowhere singing along to the radio, really loudly (badly)
4. When someone tells me how beautiful my son is
5. Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewells
6. Getting in to a freshly made bed
7. When Gavin's mum doesn't refer to people as Gavin's Aunty... And just refers to them as Aunty so and so. 
8. 100% battery
9. Getting so into a TV Series I sit and watch nearly a whole season in a day.
10. Watching Harry Potter
11. Shopping trips with my mum
12. Being able to cheer someone up
13. When Logan naps
14. When my parents need me to go home and fix their phones/iPad/computer/technology in general
15. Exciting days out 

What's In Your Handbag? #BEDAOutmumbered

I don't have a conventional handbag anymore. I have a changing bag. I would reeeeally love a new one but unless you have to buy a changing bag you wouldn't believe how much a decent changing bag costs. In fact not just nice ones, even the horrible ones are extortionate!

Anyway, I am still using the Bugaboo changing bag that came with our pram. I don't particularly like it much but I want to get some use out of it. 

In the bottom compartment lives an array of clothes for Logan and an Aden + Anais blanket.

In the big section lives everything else. It has quite a few sections and pockets so I can pack everything away neatly. There's a pouch at the back where I keep my purse and phone. It's strange going from a whole bag full of crap to just a pouch at the back for necessities! 

10 Songs On Your Playlist Right Now #BEDAOutmumbered

Ok I'm going to cheat slightly and seeing as I don't currently have a playlist because I've not had a lot of time to listen to music recently I'm going to tell you my 10 favourite songs of all time.

1. McFly - Not Alone
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Calafornication
3. Kings Of Leon - Fans
4. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
5. The Eagles - New Kind in Town
6. Hanson - Penny and Me
7. Bon Jovi - BadMedicine 
8. Westlife - Queen of my Heart
9. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
10. Billy Joel - Piano Man

My Best Friend #BEDAOutmumbered

My best friend is my soul mate. I believe your heart is split in two and your soul is 
split in two and you're set on this earth to find the other halves. Gavin may be the other half of my heart but Erin is the other half to my soul. 

I can't even say she 'gets me' because she is me. Everything I think, everything I like, everything I do, everything I say she thinks/likes/does/says too. I know she would do anything to help me and make me happy and I would do the same for her. She has been my best friend since we were 13 and I could count in one hand the days that have gone by where I haven't spoken to her. She's is my rock. If I haven't bigged her up enough go over and check out how wonderful she is at reviewing books. Her reviews are only so good because she has such a great editor ;) 

A Special Memory #BEDAOutmumbered

Just the one?

Well I guess it's got the be the greatest day of my life, when my little chubster was born. What a chubby little darling he was. Greatest day ever. I remember hearings him cry for the first time as the midwife wrapped him up and brought him round for Gavin to hold as I got stitched back up. The moment I heard him I burst out crying, I was so happy and proud I felt like I was going to burst. Definitely the pinnacle of my existence. 

Where would you like to be in 10 years time? #BEDAOutmumbered

Above all in 10 years time I would like to be healthy and happy. I guess a few things I would like to have achieved by the time I'm 34 would be:

Be married
Have another child. Maybe 2 who knows!
Own my own house

Not a lot else really. I'm not a big one for planning years in advance. So I'll continue to live each day as it comes.

Favourite Quote #BEDAOutmumbered

'Love never fails'

I love this quote so much I have it tattooed on me. 

It's from 1 Corinthians 13. The 'Love Verse' and I just love the idea that love never fails. Whether it be from your parents, friends, partner, god or whatever you believe in. In my life I always have unfailing love. 

20 Facts About Me #BEDAOutmumbered

1. I have a 4 month old son
2. I have been in love with the same boy since I was 14
3. I have an obsessive personality. If I love something I go all out.
4. I named my cat after Minerva McGonagall
5. I have had the same bestfriend since I was 13.
6. I'm really close to my mum and I don't think my pregnancy/having a baby would have been so easy if it wasn't for her
7. Although I'm quite creative I don't have a great imagination.
8. I have 5 Harry Potter wands. See no.3. 
9. I have a horrendous fear of my 'stringy bit' the tendon bit at the back of your knee/leg that feels like a bit of string. 
10. I'm very patriotic. I love Scotland and I'd never want to leave.
11. I day dream about winning the lottery and what I'd do with the winnings a lot. I've only played the lottery twice in my whole life.
12. I'm allergic to oranges.
13. My memory is atrocious.
14. I have seen McFly live 17 times. See no.3 again haha.
15. My favourite book, apart from the Harry Potter series is 50 Shades of Grey. *ooh er ;)
16. I hate people that don't take other people's opinions/feelings into consideration.
17. When making decisions I always think about it from someone else's point of view. I think it's because I care too much about what other people think.
18. I have a freckle right in the middle of the sole of my foot. 
19. I get nose bleeds a lot when I'm stressed.
20. I believe 'love is all you need'

'BEDAOutmumbered Introduction

I'm late to the party but it looked so fun that I wanted to join in.

Blog every day in August was started over on and it is a challenge to... blog every day in August (quite self explanatory really). Being a new blogger I thought it would be a really good challenge for me and a chance for you to get to know me better.

So day 1 is an introduction and a recent photo:

My name is Kirsty, I am 24 year old first time Mum to Logan and girlfriend to Gavin, best friend, daughter, sister and full on legend... don't have a clue why I said that. It seemed funny when I thought of it. *hangs head in shame* I live in a town outside Glasgow. I'm currently on maternity leave and I'm due back at work in late January. I wont give away too much just now as one of the first posts is 20 facts about me and goodness knows there's not that many interesting facts about me.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Changing Table Set-Up

When I was prgnant I found this kind of post fascinating. Mainly because I'm nosey but also I found it really helpful to see other people's set up and start to plan how I might have these things.

So for all those like-minded people here is my changing table set-up.

We have the Rialto 3 drawer from Mamas and Papas with the changing table on top. We would never have had enough space for a seperate changing unit in Logan's room and I had seen a couple of set ups like this and thought this would suit us best. So I use the top drawer of his chest of drawers to house all his changing stuff. I used glass jars and drawer organisers from Ikea to help keep everything in it's place and so far it's working really well for us.

The changing mat is also from mamas and papas, it was on sale and I'm sure it was around the £7 mark. I did see loads of cute changing mats with towelling on them and pillows etc but I am so glad I went for a plain, wipe clean one like this. With the amount of times this been pee'd on one with towelling down the middle would have been ridiculously impractical.

I bought these 3 big jars from Ikea which hold cotton buds, round cotton pads and cotton wool balls. These are really good for keeping these little things together and great for seeing when you are running out. I had envisaged putting these jars on a shelf but we live in a rented flat and aren't allowed to put holes on the wall, and the work just fine in the drawer. We also have a pack of swim nappies which have yet to be used. Also a cotton wool pleat, which is just a big roll of cotton wool that you can rip off as much as you need. I thought this would be really useful for drying wet bums etc, turns out all the cotton wool just sticks to his bum and makes more of a mess, so now it gets used to dry the mat when it's had the 'sprinkler' treatment.

So here we have 2 square of the organizers. In the back one lives nappy bags. I was given ones from Tesco at my baby shower which are quite thick and seem quite good quality but I honestly prefer the cheap ones from Asda. They're something like 50p? They aren't scented they are just plain blue/green bags. Pretty thin but sturdy. In the front square we just have random bits and bobs, sudocream, a comb, a brush, a horrible hard sponge that needs chucked in the bin and a card thermometer thing that's never been used. Turns out I'm not as scared about bath temperatures as I thought I would be. 

In this long rectangle I keep muslin clothes. Just the small square ones, I keep his Aden & Anais swaddle blankets on the cupboard. We have a 5 pack from Marks & Spencers with blue or orange stars on and some plain white ones from Asda. These just get used to mop up dribbley chins and the rare baby sick.

And in the last rectangle we have wipes. I have quite a few different kinds even though we only use Johnson's. We tried the Huggies ones but they gave Logan a very red bum because they are a lot stiffer. So we just stick to these. 

And that is our set up. Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have a similar set up? Or any other tips on how I could arrange things differently?

Kirsty x