Sunday, 17 August 2014

Timeline Of Your Day #BEDAOutmumbered

So today was a total fail. I was full of good intentions. I knew I was going shopping with my mum so I'd take some snaps of Logan looking cute in his wee chino's and t-shirt number that he was sporting today. We would take some selphies. I'd take an artsy photo of my Frappe at Starbucks. I'd take some photos with my mum and this post would be great. And then I forgot.

Well I didn't forget as such but Logan was teething badly today so all thoughts of anything else went out the window. When I say bad teething day I mean monumental. Worst day so far. Without a doubt. I can't blame him cause his two wee front bottom teeth are coming. They haven't quite cut through yet, but they are there. I can see them, lurking, waiting to make an appearance, and making my little baby thoroughly miserable. The teething toys worked for all of 2 minutes, the teething gel helped for all of 5 minutes and the calpol for all of 10. So all in all the shopping trip was a bit stressy, since we've been home all he has done is feed, cuddle and grump and not one picture has been taken all day. 

So instead I will share a photo from yesterday. My best friend Erin decided to bring her boyfriend, Phil, down for the first time to meet Logan before they went on a jaunt to see some of Phils family. 

I love that having a baby hasn't changed my relationship with my best friend. In fact it's probably made it stronger. We still speak every day. We still share everything, but now she has my son to lavish all her love on too. And that makes me so happy.

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