Wednesday, 30 July 2014

REVIEW - Baby Bjorn Carrier Original

There are so many different types of carriers on the market these days so it took us a couple of days of research to decide what one we really wanted. I wanted one that was safe and secure but one that my partner could wear without it looking feminine or girly. I didn't really fancy one of the slings cause, honestly I think they look a bit silly and wouldn't really suit me or our needs. So in the end I plumped for the one I liked first. The baby bjorn carrier.

It's suitable from 3.5kg - 11kg, allowing the baby to face forwards and inwards. It was developed with paediatricians for proper support for baby's head, back and hips. It's machine washable which is really useful when baby decides to sook the life out of the edges... And has padded and adjustable shoulder straps so it's really easy to get it at a comfy position once it's on.

The carrier is really easy to use. It slips over your shoulders like a backpack and you do all the fastening up at the front. I worried at first that it was going to be really difficult to get Logan into the carrier if I was on my own, but after a few practices it was pretty easy. Although when he doesn't comply and keep his leg straight I need to practice the one handed baby jiggle to get him in.

It's relatively comfortable. Or as comfortable as I think it can be with a 13lb baby hanging from your front. If I have Logan in it for longer than 30 minutes my shoulders start to get a bit tight but that could be down to my weak frame more than anything else.

One thing we've found the carrier perfect for is getting Logan to sleep. He's not one for napping during the day, even when he's tired so sometimes if we know he really needs a sleep, we pop him in the harness and have a wee walk round the living room and within 10 minutes he's usually asleep.

We've only just started facing him outwards which he really seems to love. He loves being able to see where he's going and watch the world go buy.

We've not used it outside as much as I thought we might, we use it more round the house. However it's really useful when Logan doesn't want to sit on his own and I've got things to do. Pop him in and I've still got the use of my hands again. Though bending down is a bit precarious it's easy enough to have a run found with the Hoover or fold some laundry while he's strapped in. 

Overall a great product for our needs, one I'd definitely recommend. 

Kirsty x

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