Monday, 28 July 2014

Is breastfeeding aimed at the wealthy?

While in the shower this morning (it's where I do all my best thinking) a thought came to me: Is breastfeeding aimed at the wealthy?

As the nicer summer weather comes I've become bored of my wardrobe (as I do every year) More so this summer because last summers clothes don't really fit as my body's totally changed after having a baby and all my winter basics, like tshirts and tops don't fit as I was pregnant all through winter. So I find my self with very little to wear. 

Being a breast feeding mum it's not as easy as a little shopping spree to sort out my wardrobe. My needs are very specific, all my tops need to be booby accessible and this is wear my problem lies. The range and availability of breastfeeding tops/t-shirts/dresses is appalling. If I discard H&M from the mix all the clothing stores I usually shop in don't do a nursing range. I can kind of understand this as it's a very specific market. Not every woman needs quick but discreet access to her boobs at any given moment. So I begin to search further afield. I search online for nursing tops and I am greeted with a slightly better choice. I say slightly because even though there are is a better selection most of it is terribly old fashioned and doesn't resemble anything that I would willingly/normally wear.

However the one thing that strikes me is the price. Again taking my faithfull H&M out the equation because their range, although not very extensive, is quite reasonably priced. I think everything else is extortionate. Because it has an extra flap of fabric and a slit in the side that warrants a plain white t-shirts to cost £25. I wouldn't mind paying that if it was a top or a blouse that was great quality and a bit more interesting than a plain white t-shirt. I could pick up something similar in Primark for £2.50! More than anything it's the dresses that I find ridiculous. Most nursing dresses range from £50 - £100! I saw one online yesterday for £96!!! A relatively plain, red dress for £96! 

Now I completely understand that quality and brands come into it and that's fine. I wouldn't complain about a plain red dress costing £96 if I could find anything else. But it doesn't exist! As a breastfeeding woman I am really struggling to find fashionable, affordable nursing wear. I can't afford to spend £75 on one dress and most mums I know can't afford that either. 

Am I the only one? Is there a hidden secret club of women who know of fashionable affordable nursing wear that I'm not a member of? If so please may I join so I can get out of these vests and I to some sexy new clothes! 

Kirsty x

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