Sunday, 6 July 2014

3 Month Update

I thought I would start an update as Logan is now 3 months. Not sure how often I'll do this but here goes...
Health: *touch wood* we've had no problems so far. You have your 3 month vaccinations on Wednesday so I think we'll have a grumpy baby for the next few days after but we had no temperatures or problems with the last set so fingers crossed were as lucky this time.

Routine: We're not in a set routine as such just yet. Within the the next 4-6 weeks were hoping to settle you into a more steady routine but so far our days are pretty predictable. We wake up between 6 and 7 depending on when we went to sleep. We have a feed and then you go back to sleep for usually 2 hours at the most then you're up at 9 to start your day. You're still feeding every 2 hours which doesn't leave a lot of time for much else! Between feeds we fit in as much play time on your mat and with your toys as possible. Daddy gives you 1 bottle of formula a day at 9pm which is always your second last feed of the night. Last feed with mummy at 10/half past 10 then sleep for 7 or 8 hours then it's back up to start the day again!

Sleep: You're sleeping really well at night. You drift off once you've finished nursing then we transfer you into your own bed. You started sleeping in your cot in your own room about 2 weeks ago and you're loving it! Napping through the day seems to elude you. Daddy sometimes manages to get you off for a nap if he puts you in your sling, but when daddy's at work and mummy tries it you usually just want to feed instead. No matter how much we try you still can't fall asleep on your own yet.

Social: not a lot to report on this front. You usually have plenty of visitors from friends and family but I've yet to look for a baby group I can take you to. Hopefully we will start taking you swimming soon

Diet: milk! You get one bottle of formula at night from daddy to give mummy a break and to give daddy a chance to feed you. You had a week where you refused to take your bottle and daddy didn't enjoy that at all, but after changing to the Dr Browns bottles we're back to you feeding really well. 

Clothes: You have just started wearing your 3-6 month stuff. The trousers are still to big for your little waist. We will need to fatten you up a bit!
Likes: sometimes it feels like nothing! You have days where you just seem like milk is the only thing that makes you happy. Then other days you love tickles with Daddy, playing on your mat and cuddling/chewing your bears, especially Arnold!

Dislikes: napping during the day!

Milestones: You laughed! On the 5th July you full on laughed and it was the greatest sound I've ever heard in my whole life. Daddy was lying on the bed lifting you up and down off his chest and we got a real laugh from you. It was so magical I cried and ruined all the make-up I'd just put on. You're holding your head up perfectly during tummy time. You're holding your legs up too when you're not trying your hardest to push yourself along with your legs. You're smiling a lot at mummy and daddy too, it melts our heart.

Love from, Mummy xx 

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