Friday, 3 April 2015

The Spring Tag | 2015

I was tagged by my beautiful best friend Kirsten from Fergie's Fashion Fun do to the Spring Tag. I really love Tag's because I think they're like giant quiz's and I love quiz's!

1 . What three colours remind you of Spring?

Green, but a nice pastel green, yellow and pink. I guess any flowery colour.

 2. What is the first thing you add to your Spring wardrobe?
Cardigans. I love when the weather gets a little warmer and there isn't as much need for my huge big winter jacket. I really love this one from Topshop

3. What is the first item that you ditch from your wardrobe to make it more Spring-like?
My big winter jacket. Whatever big jacket has seen me through the winter always get pushed to the side, but never too far away because you don't know what the beautiful Scottish weather is going to do next #SnowInApril

4. What are your ultimate nude and bright lipsticks?
My current favourite Nude is Blankety by Mac. I think it goes really well with my skin tone and doesn't wash me out like some Nudes do. I'm also really loving Revlon's Coloursburst Lip Butters at the moment, the formula is lovely and the colours are gorgeous and perfect for Spring.

5. What is your signature Spring fragrance?
I'm not usually a fan of Gucci perfume but their The Flora Garden collection is delicious. They are really fruity and a perfect scent for Spring.

6. What do you add or drop from your skin care routine?
Always SPF. I make sure my morning moisturiser and foundation always have added SPF.

7. Do you change your hair up in Spring?
Not usually, I've just dyed it recently though I went darker so I wouldn't say that was very spring-like.

8. Are there any exciting beauty releases that you can’t wait for?
There isn't anything that I am eagerly awaiting at the moment.

9. What are your three favourite nail colours for Spring?
My favourite Spring shade for a while now has been Essie's Mint Candy Apple. It's a lovely pastel mint colour and its always my go to Spring Shade.

10. Who do I tag?
Amy TheSmallestofThings

Jenna TinyFootsteps


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