Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hidden Gems In My Cleaning Cupboard

Who thought there would be a time where I would be blogging about cleaning products but hey ho. I thought I wuold share with you my kitchen must haves when it comes to house work and cleaning.

1. Zoflora Disinfectant

My first one is a new find and it is this Disinfectant by Zoflora. I was kindly sent this by a company to try and I really like it. The first thing I noticed was the smell. Its really crisp and fresh and more aromatic than the usual bleachy smell. The only thing with the smell is if you use too much it is really overpowering. But as you only need to use a little at a time then you shouldn't have the problem. A little goes a long way. It works wonders in the bathroom and leaves the suite looking shiny bright. Its great for cleaning the bathroom suite, taps, the floor, tiles, shower trays, anything. You name it and it will leave it looking brand new in seconds.

2. Stardrops Power Cleaner
I discovered Stardrops during one of those random conversations at work and a colleague told me I had to try it and it's one of the best products. Where I would tend to use Zoflora in the Bathroom, I use Stardrops in the kitchen. When we first moved into our flat the area above our hob and the extractor fan was really greasy. The cupboards on either side of the fan were really sticky and thick with grease (bowk, I know) so when my colleague told me Stardrops would do the business and it did. I applied some neat to a cloth and it wipes through the grease no problem. I can alwayas find it in B&M Bargains for 89p so its a bargain too!

3. Microfibre Clothes
For a long time I thought Microfibre clothes were only really good for dusting, that was until I wet them! Turns out you can use them for everything. I use them to dust, to clean the kitchen surfaces, to clean dishes, to clean the bathrooms and clean windows (not all the same cloth I might add!!) Why did I ever think they should be kept dry?

4. Baking Soda.
There is not a thing that baking soda cant clean. Usually mixed with vinegar or bleach, I use it to clean my stainless steal sinks, unblock plugholes and it's the best oven cleaner I've came across. My kitchen is never without a tub of Baking Soda.

Do you have any other must have products in your cleaning cupboard? Any DIY tips you can share with me? and why is the cupboard with the cleaning products in it, the one cupboard in the kitchen Logan desperately wants to get in?!? Thank the lord for Baby Gates.

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