Friday, 17 April 2015

What Not To Let Your Child Do When A Grandparent Is Around

1. Let them play with anything they shouldn't
Now I'm not talking knives and stuff but if Logan wants to chew on the lid of my moisturising cream then I'm going to let him chew it. What's the point in upsetting him when it isn't going to do him any harm. Until the day he learns to unscrew the top, then I might stop letting him chew it. My mother on the other hand see's everything as a potential choking risk and avoids letting him anywhere near my moisturising cream.

2. Give them anything bigger than a 5p to eat.
Logan has a lovely habit of trying to fit every price of banana in front of him, in his mouth. Hence he is limited to 3 pieces at a time. But even 3 pieces is too much for my mum. If I had a pound for every time she's asked me 'has he got too much in his mouth' I'd never need to work again. In truth, yes he probably does have too much in his mouth but how else is he going to learn?

3. Let the pet anywhere near them
I know this has more to do with the fact she is my pet and not my mums and my mum doesn't know her enough to trust her completely. She is always so edgy when Logan gets 'too close' to her. What she fails to see is the cat is shit scared of my tiny human and runs away from him the first second she can.

4. If they're going to fall, let them fall
Again, I don't mean I let him fall off the couch or fall in front of a car or anything but my mum and my mother-in-law are 'hoverers' it started when Logan began to pull himself up on the furniture and I can see it continuing till he's at least 7. I'm pretty happy for him to toddle about on his own, I'm also pretty content to let him fall down a few times, 

5. Call them anything derogatory.
Sometimes my child is a turd. Don't misunderstand me, I love my child to death. He is the reason for my existence but sometime he can do everything in his power to annoy me and piss me off and on those occasions he is a turd. I once told him to stop being a turd in front of my mother and I thought she might have an aneurysm.

Do your parents or partners parents do anything ridiculous? Are they far more uptight than you or are they the opposite and more laid back than you? I'd love to hear your stories, let me know!

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  1. I have a list of things I have to do differently when my Mums around! xx