Monday, 27 April 2015

1 Year On | Routine

For a very long time Logan's routine was set in stone and I could pretty much predict what he would do in a day but the past few weeks it feels like our routine might be starting to change. This is just a boring home day when we dont have anything planned. If we have anything planned for the day then the timings don't change much but the where and what might change slightly.

Wake up: This is usually either 5:30am or 7am depending if Gavin's working or not. Its difficult leaving our flat and not making a noise. The front door is opposite Logan's room so when Gavin leaves for work super early in the morning it's pretty much guaranteed Logan will wake up. Thankfully on the days Gavin isn't working it means we can appreciate a bit of along lie.

7am - Bottle. This is still a bottle of formula. If you want to see what we are doing regarding Cow's Milk then click here Cow's Milk When & How. He will always have 7oz without much fuss.

9am - Porridge. He always has porridge for his breakfast. I've never tried him with any other cereals like Weetabix. I don't really want to when the porridge works so well for us.

Usually he will have a nap after his breakfast and his nap last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

He won't always go for a nap straight after his breakfast, in which case I'll give him a bottle of 7oz of formula at 10am and then put him down for a nap.

12pm - Lunch. This will usually consist of 2 slices of toast and fruit, usually banana's or pears which are his favourite. Sometime's I'll give him spreading cheese, jam or a soft cheese on his toast, all of which he loves. Other thing's i'll tend to give him for his lunch are, cold meat slices and cheese and tomatoes, a mixture of different fruits and vegetables like steamed carrots or peppers.

If I need to run any errands then I tend do these after his lunch, between his lunch and bottle is when I have the longest to do anything. If I don't have any errands to run then I'll try to take him out a walk in his trike or his pushchair or we will go to the park round the corner to play on the swings. I get really anxious if I don't get him out the house at least once a day, but now that Winter is over and the weather is getting a little nicer a day in-doors is very rare.

2:30/3pm (depending on if he starts to get tired again or not) I will give him another bottle. This is cow's milk, if I think he's really tired then I'll heat it up a little and it usually means he goes down for a nap a little easier.

3pm - I'll try and put him down for another nap if he's tired enough but he doesn't always sleep. If we are out and about anywhere then he'll usually sleep in the car on the way home.

5pm - Is always dinner time. The 2 things that never change are dinner time and bed time. For his dinner I give him a whole load of different things. Lunches are usually quite samey but dinner could be anything. More often than not we try to have dinner as family but if I'm working or Gavin finishes late then he will have something on his own. Mince dishes seem to be his favourite for dinner. He enjoys Bolognaise, Burgers, Meatloaf, Chilli, Fajita's, Curry, Shepard's Pie and Tuna & Pasta (it's surprisingly really hard when you actually have to list the things your baby eats!)

6:15pm - Is usually bath time. He has a bath most nights, there is a rare occasion when he's been bathed the night before and he's stayed relatively clean that day that he doesn't get a bath but he gets a bath every other night without fail.

7pm - BED TIME! Again without fail bed time is 7pm. Usually we read a couple of books in the living room, daddy gives him his bottle, brushes his teeth then I put him into his sleeping bag and we both put him down to bed. Very rarely does he make a fuss and he babbles away for 5 or 10 minutes then it's radio silence and he's asleep.

As I said, he is getting to the age where I think he might start to drop his afternoon nap which means I'll move his morning nap to a little later and see if we can survive regularly on one nap. At the moment Logan doesn't seem to keen to be dropping any bottles any time soon, my boy loves his milk. I'm in no rush to get him to drop bottles and am pretty happy to wait till he is ready to let them go.

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