Tuesday, 31 March 2015

REVIEW | V- Jewellery Personalised Bangle

I am a sucker for anything personalised. Anything with my babies name on it is a winner for me. So when I saw a friend on Facebook had bought a cute little bangle with her little boys name on it I thought 'I have to get me one of them'

V-Jewellery are an independent jewellery maker based in England. They make hand made pieces of jewellery, from necklaces to rings to bangles and even key rings. They make all different items some of which can be personalised. The pieces are really affordable and make perfect gifts, to yourself or your other half, a best friend or your mum. If you don't want a personalised piece then they have loads of fabulous items with lovely quotes if that's what you want.

The ordering process was really simple if you just take the time to read the information provided on the website. I ordered through the website http://v-jewellery.co.uk but you can also order through their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VJewellery.With.love.by.Vicki. It was really simple to detail what I wanted on my bangle, what colours I wanted and what I wanted it to say. One aspect I really like about the process is, once the item is made, they post a picture of the item on their Facebook page which allows you to see it, check for any mistakes, before it gets sent to you. So when it arrives you know it will be perfect. Their current turn around time for personalised pieces is 1-2 weeks which I think is really reasonable considering all items are made to order. 

When the bangle arrived I was delighted. It looks exactly how I wanted it to. It is really well made and the engraving is super, it's really clear and fits the size of the metal perfectly. I opted for Logan's name and his date of birth with little feet print in between but it can say anything you want within 22 characters and they have a fantastic amount of little characters that you can add on, stars, love hearts, paw prints etc.

The metal is easily bendable and isn't the most durable. I would recommend being pretty careful when putting it on and taking it off because I imagine if you bent it too much it would snap pretty easily. It does recommend that you don't put the metal under too much stress. So I won't wear mine every day because I'd hate for it to snap.

It makes a perfect gift for a new mummy or maybe a sentimental price to remember a loved on. Take a look at their Facebook page for all current offers and price list.

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