Friday, 13 March 2015

First Birthdays

I think, as with everything in motherhood, there's a lot of pressure and expectations surrounding first birthdays.

As the name rightly suggests it's a FIRST birthday, your baby is never going to have another one. Once the first is over then it's on to the second and the third, you will never get that elusive first birthday back. They might never have another birthday that they will 100% never remember... Well actually you might get another one or two of those ones but you will never get another one where they will have completely NO IDEA what is going on. 
Logans birthday is only 4 months after Christmas but I'm pretty positive he doesn't remember that so it will be another day where friends and family shower him with gifts and he is more interested in eating wrapping paper. Though hopefully this time he won't have that horrendous cold.
Say we were to have a party and book a hall, and entertainment, we would need a caterer, declarations, balloons, invitations, party bags, a guest list! I mean he doesn't even have friends. I have friends that have children, there are children he interacts with at Playgroup but they're not his friends. He doesn't need them or want them, hell he probably doesn't even like them! He tolerates them when they play beside him, but if they have a toy he wants then he'll cause them bodily harm to get that toy back.
At one, Logan has the attention span of a teaspoon. He has a big red fire engine that makes lots of sounds that he can play with for about 15 minutes on a good day, other than that he plays with something for a few minutes. So I have a corner full of toys that he works his way through to keep himself amused, would I bring them all to the party? Because I'm sure if I didn't he'd get pretty bored. Add in the fact that every 2 hours of Logan's life something happens, wether that's a bottle or a meal or a nap, he has a decent schedule that I am not mixing up for one day to then suffer for the next week because he miraculously forgets how to nap because he missed 2 in one day and for a day that in two weeks time, he won't remember. 
I'm not judging anyone for having a first birthday party for their little one. Probably if I/Logan had more 'friends' then i'd consider it, but right now everyone that I want to celebrate Logan's first birthday with us can fit in my living room. It might be a tight squeeze but we'll manage it. He can call the shots. He can nap when he wants, he can eat when he wants and he can eat whatever wrapping paper he pleases and I won't have wasted my bank account to let him.

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  1. What a handsome chappy!

    We only had a party at home too, I didn't see the point in paying lots out for something she won't even remember!! xx