Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What To Put On A Gallery Wall

Something I've always wanted to have is a Gallery Wall. We've never been allowed to put any pictures on the wall in our flat because we weren't allowed to make any holes in the wall other than what was already there so its restricted our decor quite a bit, that an we weren't allowed to change the colour scheme from cream and white (can you understand why I'm excited about moving)
I always loved the idea of a gallery wall because I think it's a really cool way to display a lot of pictures and little bits and pieces.
Pinterest has become my best friend again, I spend hours searching for Gray Carpets, Roller Blinds and Gallery Walls.

Predominately I want our Gallery Wall to have pictures. Since Logan was born I've used the Free Prints App to print photo from my phone. Their service is great, each month you get 45 free standard size prints, you only pay £3.99 for delivery (which is half price for your first order!) You can also order bigger sized photo's which are really reasonably priced. So for the past 10 months I've ordered 45 photos, and a few extra bigger ones of any extra special photos. Now I used quite a few at Christmas to make presents of my mum and my mother-in -law but as you can imagine I have A LOT of pictures just asking to be hung up.

A quick search on Etsy and I am inundated with beautiful prints. I love the idea of having a few prints of special things. I love the idea of this love heart map from PaperArcadia
My initial thought was we could chose the place in which Gavin and I had our first kiss or something super romantic like that, but seeing as we were 13, in a friends garage, for her birthday party, I thought that probably wouldn't look too romantic (we were 13 OK, you can let me away with it right?!?) So maybe we would need to think about the location we would have, but I think it would look lovely.

I have a tattoo really similar to the third feather on the side of my leg/ankle which Gavin bought me for my birthday a few years ago so I really love this print. Its simple yet beautiful from DecorartDesigns

I could probably make a gallery wall of Harry Potter pages and quotes alone. I really like this piece from PeregrinVintage, although it's from Harry Potter its still really relevant to a new house.

Another tattoo related one would be this print from BWPrints. I have this quote from 1 Corinthians 13 in Hebrew on my ribs. Its a really meaningful quote and I would love something this simple on our gallery wall.

Hanging Signs

My go to place for ornaments and hanging signs is always Next. I absolutely love Next's Homeware department and Erin and I can spend ages trawling round and round looking at cushions.I have two ceramic plaques that I would like to hang on my gallery wall but I think a few new pieces wouldn't go a miss (any excuse to go shopping really!!) I love little signs like this that talk about Love and Home and stuff (aww how romantic)

I know we are still in very early days but I like to be prepared. I will be doing a lot more Homeware and decor posts in the run up to our big move and once our Gallery Wall actually starts to take shape, maybe I will do a tutorial on how we did it and what we used etc. Let me know if that would be something you would like to see.

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