Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mothers Day Gift Guide

With my first ever Mother's Day fast approaching on Sunday March 15th I thought I would do a Gift Guide for great presents for first time Mum's.

Chocolate is a fail safe present. There are very few mothers in this world that wouldn't appreciate a nice bit of chocolate on Mothers Day. Hotel Chocolat are my favourite 'fancy' chocolate brand and they have this super stylish and tasty box of Mother's Day Chocolates for only £22. You can even personalise the gift with a Message Card and have them Gift Wrapped. I definitely love the sound of Salted Caramel & Praline. Yummm!

Now usually I'm not the biggest flower fan in the world (I'd rather just have the chocolate) but I wouldn't say no to a beautiful bunch of flowers on Mother's Day. This gorgeous bunch from InterFlora are pretty expensive at £44.99 but my goodness they are beautiful! I love the simplicity of this white bunch. A lovely bouquet of flowers can really brighten up a room and do wonders for your mood, especially in this cold and dreary weather we're having at the moment. I think when it comes to flowers its 'go big or go home' You might as well spend a bit extra to get a really beautiful bouquet.

You can get some gorgeous peices of jewellery but I think for Mother's Day its best to go with personalised. You can get her a beautuful necklace of pair of earrings for any birthday or earrings. How about getting her something to remind her of the little beauty she gave birth to. I came across V-Jewellery on Facebook and I love their designs. They make personalised rings, bracelets and key rings with any personalisation you want.

Sound Wave Print
This is so far up my street it's practically my front door! In fact right now I'm trying to think of a way to ensure Gavin buys me this Personalised Song Sound Wave Print from Handpicked Collection. I absolutely love the idea of this unique gift. You could chose any song in the whole wide world. You could chose your child's favourite nursery rhyme or a song that means something to you. For a Mother's Day gift I would probably chose 'If It's Magic' by Stevie Wonder.

Sunrise Print
Another seriously beautiful and sentimental gift would a print of the sunrise on the day your little one was born. NotOnTheHighStreet.com have this wonderful picture which depicts the sunrise on your special date. the give you a choice of between 5-10 pictures or the sunrise on a beach in Cornwall from different angles and times. You get to chose your preferred image frame and the end result is stunning. It's a pricey gift at £105 but I think for your first ever Mothers Day it would be a beautiful gift.

What has your best Mothers Day gift been? Or is it your first ever Mothers Day? What would your perfect gift be?

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