Tuesday, 10 March 2015

11 Month Update

11 MONTHS OLD! I honestly think Logan should still be like 4 months old! How is it possible that the best day of my life was a whole 11 months ago? I know every mum says it but it is so quickly how fast time passes the moment your little baby is born.

I've been saying for a the past month that I thought he'd be walking by the time he was one but considering it's only 4 weeks away I'm a little unsure. He is great at cruising around the furniture and walking with his walker or his toys or his high chair, or just anything that he can get around with, and he's taken to pushing himself off the couch and standing on his own for a few seconds then he either falls on his bum or clings back to the couch. He just seems pretty reluctant to try any steps on his own. I guess at this stage he knows he can get everywhere quicker if he just crawls. I'm sure one day he'll surprise us and try that one step on his own but for the moment I'm not sure it will be before his birthday.

Even over the past few days his speech seems to be coming on well. Last month I wrote about my uncertainty over wither he knew what he was saying when he was saying 'mama' or 'dada' but this month I'm sure he does. He doesn't specifically shout on either of us when we are in the room with him but when I'm at work he will spend most of the day saying 'mama' and when Gavin's at work he spends the day saying 'dada' as if he's looking for us. He seems to be understanding a lot more of what we are saying too. He understands 'No' and if I sit on the carpet and ask him if he wants to play Row Your Boat he will come and sit in between my legs and give me his hands.

We had a few iffy days in the middle of the month where I though he was trying to drop his morning nap because he wasn't always sleeping then if he did he wasn't tired enough in the afternoon for his second nap so I tried to phase out the morning nap and bring his afternoon nap forward by and hour but then he decided that he didn't actually want to drop that nap and has went back to napping twice a day. They're fickle little things aren't they!

He still has 6 teeth, 4 at the top and two at the bottom. I'm sure he's teething again,. Although his mood has been pretty fine he is dribbling again non stop so the dribble bibs are back out! It looks like the two on either side of his top four might be close to coming through but he still only has the two front ones on the bottom and the other two don't seem to be making an appearance any time soon. Hopefully they'll appear with no problems *I wish*

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