Tuesday, 17 February 2015

REVIEW | Cocoa Brown Tan

Cocoa Brown Tan are a relatively new and in my case unheard of, fake tan brad from Ireland. When they got in touch and asked if I would like to try their product I jumped at the chance.
Being a new mum (its been 10 months, can I still call myself a new mum?) anyway, being a mum I don't get to spend the same amount of time on myself as I did in my pre-Logan days. Tanning was something I loved doing because I love having a tan. I love the little confidence boost ot gave me. Due to the lovely Scottish weather my skin is naturally quite pale and I loved having that glow and it always had to be fake for me. Iv'e used a sunbed once in my whole life and I didn't enjoy the experience and didn't like the idea of the damage it was doing to my skin so a fake tan was the safest option for me.

The Cocoa Brown tanning range was launched in November 2012 and has had unprecedented success ever since. Marissa, founder of Cocoa Brown has developed the brand to include a ‘wardrobe of tans’ including eight sister products to suit different types of tanners and non-tanners alike!

Gentle Bronze is a gradual tanner which if applied every day will build up to a 'gentle bronze'. Iv'e used a gradual tanner before because I really like the idea of them. I like that you they dry in quick and you don't have to sit around like a naked scarecrow waiting for it to dry. I really like that it's gradual, so you don't need to go from being a snowman to an oompa-loompa over night. Something I didnt like about the gradual tanners I've used in the past is the smell. I know all Fake Tan's don't have an overly great smell (though I'll admit I quite like it) I always found the gradual tanners to be even worse smelling. I also felt that they were pretty patchy on drying. So they'd be relatively dark in patches and in others it didn't look like I had any tanner on. So I was keen to see how this one would work. 

My first thought was, it smells pretty nice for a tanner. Initially, on application it doesn't have the biscuity smell although once it starts developing the smell does return. It's super easy to apply and dry's really quickly. I'd recommend applying it with a tanning mitt because it leaves a pretty funny pinky/brown colour on your hands even if you do wash them immediately but a mitt is definitely not necessary because the colour changes into a more tan colour pretty quickly. 
The results were pretty fantastic. The tan developed really quickly and a lot quicker than I thought it would being a gradual tanner. After applying it after my shower in the morning, by the next morning I was a pretty lovely tan colour. Really pleased with the results and at a bargain £5.99 I'll definitely be repurchasing.
I'd highly recommend for mummies-on-the-go or anyone with not a lot of time but want a lovely healthy looking glow. Check out the Cocoa Brown website www.cocoabrown.ie/


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