Sunday, 15 February 2015

Next, H&M & Zara HAUL

I started buying Logan's next wardrobe a little early because, now I'm back at work, we aren't quite so skint as usual. So to celebrate our new found affluence (who am I kidding, were not that much better off, just a little) I'd do what I enjoy more than buying myself new clothes and buy Logan new stuff!

Chambray Shirt £5.99 | Similar Top - £4.99
Socks £3.99

I really liked this shirt and top combo. I've never bought anything like this for Logan before because I think it looks pretty grown up but I love them and now that he's up and about I think this will look super cute on him.
From the moment Logan began attempting to pull himself up on the furniture, I started looking for grippy socks. I know it's best to keep them in bare feet, which I often do but we have wooden flooring in our living room and I didn't want his little tootsies getting cold. I looked in loads of places and couldn't find any but then came across these in H&M. They are perfect and sit really well on his foot. They also come in white & navy.

Star Top £3.99 (Sale) | Motorbike Print T-Shirt £6.99
Cross Leggings £5.99 (Sale) | Chinos Lined £6.99 (Sale)
I was a bit disappointed with the quality of some of the Zara stuff I've had recently. I felt that the leggings didn't wash well and shrunk quite quickly in the washing (I didn't shrink them, I promise) and some of the tops looked as if they'd been worn 100 times when really they'd only been worn 4-5. Even so I still went in for a wee nosy and came away with a few items that I found in the sale (I don't mind a top that doesn't wash great if it was only £3.99) The only thing not in the sale was the Motorbike Print top, my dad has motorbikes so I thought he would appreciate it. I guess I bought it more for his enjoyment than anyone else's.

Dip-Dye Daddy T-Shirt £5.50 | I Love My Mummy T-Shirt £5
Three Pack Navy Spaceship Sleepsuit £16
Monkey Face Crew Jumper £11
I've kind of shied away from Next recently because I felt I was getting similar stuff elsewhere for less money but it turns out Next's quality can't be beaten.
I have never really bought Logan many slogan t-shirts before, I'm not really sure why. I think, in my head, I thought I didn't like them. However recently I've seen more and more little guys on Instagram with slogan t-shirts and I think they look soooo cute so Iv'e decided Logan shall have some and  I couldn't resist these 2 in Next.
Iv'e preferred putting Logan in proper sets of pajamas now he's a little older but sometimes, especially after bath night, I like him being super cosy in a Sleepsuit and I loved this 3 pack.
And who could resist this little Cheeky monkey jumper!


  1. Aww so many cute outfits :)

    Helen x

  2. So Cute!

    Kathy xx