Thursday, 12 February 2015

10 Month Update

The scariest thing about writing a 10 month update is that in 2 months I'll have a 1 year old. That's by far the scariest thought ever!

Logan has really found his feet this month. He's been pulling himself up on everything! Our coffee table and side tables are quite low so they're at the perfect height for him to pull himself up on and then start cruising round about. For Christmas we bought Logan My First Walker and that's become his new favourite thing recently. He took his first few steps with the walker in the middle of the month and since then he just wants to walk everywhere. He would spend his whole day walking room to room if only he knew how to steer it. I was really apprehensive about his pushing the walker on all our wooden flooring but he seems to have got the hang of it quickly and there's only been one bang of the head so far!

His speech is developing well too. He's being saying 'Mum' for the past few days. I kind of think he is actually calling to me but then again I kind of think he's enjoying saying it and he has no idea what it really means.

His sleeping and eating patterns are pretty much the same. He sleeps from 7pm till usually 6-6:30am and has two naps during the day. He has his 3 meals plus a snack sometimes if he wakes up super early and 4 7OZ bottles of formula.

Now that I am back at work he seems to be enjoying spending more time alone with daddy and his Gran (my mum) is his new favourite person in the whole world. Every day she looks after him she leaves telling me how much of a joy he's been. I'm so proud that he's such a joy to look after. Looks like I got the brunt of it in the early months.

Like a naughty mummy I haven't had Logan weighed in 2 months! I don't place too much importance on getting him weighed constantly. I can see he is growing really well.

I've just bought a whole wack of stuff for his 12-18 month wardrobe because I'm pretty sure he'll be going in to the majority of it within he next 3-4 weeks. (HAUL COMING SOON :D) His legs don't seem like the longest part of him as some of his current 9-12 trousers are still a touch too long but he has a really long torso so vest are getting a bit stretched on him.

So that's our ten month update! He seems less and less like a little baby and more and more like a toddler!

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  1. Happy 10 month birthday Logan! Scarlett is 1 in a few weeks :( it goes so quick! Xx