Monday, 2 February 2015

Last Week I...

This post is coming to you a day late due to getting 3 hours sleep on Saturday and after work on Sunday I was in no fit state to do anything other than sleep.

This week saw even more snow so Gavin and I decided to build Logan a snowman, He loved sitting in the snow and feeling it between his hands.
Logan had his first haircut! I love it, though I think it makes him look even more grown up. It wasn't styled or anything, just neatened up.
Logan is cutting more teeth so that'as been followed by a rotten cold again. Not as bad as the Christmas Time cold but its given me a pretty grumpy baby!
I was sent a Buddy Box this week. Keep your eyes peeled for a review coming this week. On first impressions, I really like it.
My book of the week was Hero by Samantha Young. A great book with two fantastic main characters. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something new to read.

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