Saturday, 18 October 2014

When It Starts To Get Easier

I used to hear/see mothers saying things like 'just stick with it, it does get easier' or 'don't worry, they get easier' or 'they'll get easier eventually' and I often wondered when would this day come? Or was this just something women said to help you push through the 'newborn' stage and it never really got easier, you just got more accustomed to your baby. Because for a while I never thought it was going to get easier.

At that age, who would think with that face he could be anything but angelic!
Logan wasnt' what I would call an easy baby. He wasn't difficult, don't get me wrong, I know he could have given us a lot more problems. However he was never easy. He was rarely ever content just to sit, to chill out on his own. He constantly wanted to be held or cuddled. He has never been able to fall asleep on his own (our fault to a certain degree) he is always fed to sleep or rocked to sleep. He was never happy to sit in your arms on the couch or sit in his bouncy chair, he wanted to be on the move. If you were holding him you had to be up and on the move. He wanted fed every 2 hours and he would throw a wobbly if this didn't happen. Sometimes he would feed for up to an hour at a time so, especially in the early days, it felt like a constant cycle of feeds. He would not nap. He just wouldn't. For such a long time we tried everything and no matter what, he would fight it all the way and defiantly refuse to sleep during the day. The only small mercy was, on the whole, he was a good sleeper at night. Which meant the minute you told anyone he wouldn't nap but he slept well at night, you gained the response 'oh well that's all you want really' and all I wanted to shout was 'no, what I really want is just 5 minutes to myself during the day' entertaining a baby from 7 in the morning till 9 at night is exhausting!!

It felt that the minute we left the house he would throw a wobbly. The feeding every 2 hours made it pretty difficult, but even when we did manage to leave the house after 5 minutes he would just start moaning and he would get hungry. So sometimes I would think 'what's the point?' And just stay in instead. I knew babies, who after about 12 weeks, started to feed less often. I prayed for this to happen for us so we could stop living our life in 2 hour incrimints. It's bloody difficult to get anything done or go anywhere when the minute you eventually leave the house your baby needs fed again.

However after 6 months I can finally say: it does get easier!!! I don't think having a baby will ever be an easy job but it is finally getting easier. I think the main difference is he no longer demands being fed every 2 hours. Logan is on 3 meals a day now which I think has helped the most but he can now go 3 even 4 hours between feeds. It might not seem like much but that hour can make all the difference. We can actually leave the house and I don't have to constantly be commence rend about when he needs fed again because he doesn't throw a hissy-fit the second he wants fed. The second biggest change is he now naps during the day. Sometimes for only an hour, sometime we are treated to 2. It now means that come 5pm he is not having a complete meltdown because he is so over-tired. We can actually enjoy our evenings with a relatively happy baby. 

He isn't always overly happy to be left on his own for long. But usually long enough that I can get my breakfast in the morning! 

So after 6 months I can finally join in and say 'hang in there, eventually it gets easier'

When did you find it go easier for you and your little one? Or are you still in the 'difficult' stage or are you a lucky one with an easy baby?

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