Friday, 10 October 2014

6 Month Update

Half a year old? My oh my! Another 6 months and I'll have a one year old! Aaaaahhh!

Weight: I haven't manage to get Logan weighed this month. He never looks as if he's putting weight on though he always looks longer and stays perfectly in proportion.

Height: I think I will take this out of the updates because since he was born I've never known what height he is.

Food: Weaning is well under way! Bananas are still the firm favourite. He also seems to like Butternut squash, Avocados and Carrots.

Routine: Logan has just started lasting a little longer between feeds, only half an hour or so. So that gives us slightly longer between feeds for games and stories! 

Sleep: We've tried to move his bed time an hour earlier, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. He has his last feed anywhere between 19:30 & 20:30 and he sleeps right through to 7am! He has started to nap now but it's still bit hit and miss. Sometimes he can nap around 9/10 and 2/3 sometimes it's only the one around 1 or sometimes it's none at all. It's something we are still working on.

Clothing: He is in 6-9 month. Although like last month the trousers are still too big for him round the waist but 3-6 are too short on the leg so H&M jogging bottoms are the answer at the moment. A few of his baby grows seem to be on the tight side so I fear we may need to go up a size in these soon! 9-12 Months?? Eeeeeek!

Likes: Jumperoo! We bought this mid-way through the month as I felt he was getting bored. Playing on his mat was no longer cutting it, he was getting agitated with his toys and I felt like he needed something that would get him up and bit more mobile and he has loved it. Best purchase ever! 

Dislikes: Being left on his own. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing but he rarely likes to be left alone to just chill out, which make the naps so important. He constantly want to be doing things, playing, jumping, rolling, wriggling. He loves to be on the move, he never want to just lie for half an hour and cuddle or chill out. 

Milestones: Logan had just managed to master rolling from his back to his front at the beginning of month 5 so now he has turned his attention to crawling. He can hold his upper body up with his arms and he can kneel perfectly fine, he just hasn't worked out how to do them together. So he has become an expert and shuffling around on his knees and his nose! I'm pretty sure this won't last long because I don't imagine it's too comfy. He still hasn't mastered how to sit up on his own. I'm not sure if it's because he can't or because any time we try and sit him up he just wants to chew on his feet so just bends forward to grab his toes and stick them in his mouth! Hopefully it won't be too much longer though.

It's so fun to watch his little personality shine through. As every day changes he becomes more content and happier and its a joy to watch him grow. I don't know where I'd be without my little baby!

Kirsty x

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