Sunday, 12 October 2014

REVIEW Stitched Into Gear - Burp Cloths

 Stitched Into Gear is a beautiful store on Etsy that make gorgeous handmade items from bags to cushions to quilts, but the items I was most interested in were funnily enough the baby items!!They have some gorgeous hooded towels and wash cloth sets at really good prices. Crystal at Stitched Into Gear was kind enough to send me some of these super cool burp cloths.

Now I love burp clothes, muslin clothes any kind of cloth really. As a mother, they are never far away. I am currently sitting on my sofa, in the living room and I can see one on the arm of the couch, one on the floor and one on the bookcase of all places! They are so useful and versatile. They can be use for multiple things, sick, spillages, dribbling, saliva that has dribbled down the chin from blowing too many raspberries. So I always have a few to hand.

The main thing I love about these cloths is obviously the design. I love the quirky patterns and the bold colours. The material used is really great quality, they have cotton cloth diaper on one side and flannel on the other. The are really absorbent which makes them really versatile and great for any job, however that also means they do retain a lot of water so aren't as quick to dry out. If you want a burp cloth that's more interesting than your average plain white muslin square then these are definitely for you! 

You can find Stitched Into Gear on Etsy at where you can see a lot of really great designs.

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