Monday, 27 October 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 6 Months

One of my biggest worries with Christmas approaching is buying Logan the right things. When babies grow and develop so fast I find it quite daunting that I'm buying him presents that he won't use/play with for another 2 months. So I've tried to be prepared and buy things that will be suitable for him by the time Christmas comes. However that's easier said than done when I have no idea what he'll be like at that age. He is currently 6 months old and by Christmas he will be 8 months. At the moment he cant sit up on his own, by Christmas he might be able to do that, though there is a possibility he wont. Maybe he will be crawling, maybe he wont, you get the idea, so I thought it might be helpful for mummies that have babies that will be around the 6 month mark at Christmas if I gave you an idea of what kind of stuff Logan likes now and it might give you an idea of what Santa can bring your little one.

Jumperoo|Logan The Lion|Clopy Pony Squeaker Rattle|Nuby Teething Ring|Clover Cow Rattle| Chico Soft Rattle

I know a lot of mum's will agree, the Fisher Price Jumperoo is money well spent. There is so much for the little hands to play with and touch. It gives me a bit of peace of mind, I know he is amused long enough for me to grab a cup of tea.

Logan the Lion is a Lamaze toy that we initially bought because his name was Logan, but then I thought that might get a bit confusing so we've taken to calling him Leo instead. The Lamaze toys are pretty similar and has lots to keep them amused. logan especially likes chewing on his feet because they are that crinkly paper like stuff that he just loves. 

The moment Logan realised he could squeak this himself Clopy Pony was a winner. The head rattles as well so its a great toy for distracting him. He also likes to chew hell out of it. Though he likes chewing just about everything.

Nuby have some great teething toys but this set of keys seems to be Logan's favourite. He can hold onto them well and they soft rubber is great for him to chew on. They can also be put in the freezer to cool fiery gums.

Clover Cow along with Clopy Cow is another one from the Early Learning Centre's Blossom Farm Range. She rattles and has the crinkly paper stuff in her ears. Gavin and I have taken to naming Logan's toys silly names so Ermentrude gets thrown into the mouth along with everyone else.

I think he likes the duck so much because he can hold it really well in his little fists. Its another great distracton because of the rattle. Oh and this ones called Arthur.

Hopefully this might give you some ideas for Christmas.

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