Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sleep Training - Week 2 & 3

I thought I'd combine these weeks because after week 2 I realised I didn't have much to update you on as it was pretty similar every day and then week 3 became much of the same. I'm quite glad to say every day in the past 2 weeks he has went into his cot for a nap. I thought after a few days of him going down in his cot but not napping, I'd give up and sop but I'm glad to say we have kept going.

Most days he has a nap of some sort, they aren't always in his cot, and they aren't always for very long, but they are naps at least. He has got into the habit of sleeping on our bed after he's been fed in the afternoon and most days he seems to have a nap around 5/6. We moved his bed time from 9 to 8, but I'm considering moving it forward another hour to see how that goes down.

Hopefully this coming week he might go for some more naps in his cot instead of our bed, but when he falls asleep at the end of a feed I find it easier to just leave him sleeping rather than risk moving him and wakening him up. I think a nap on our bed is better than no sleep at all, right?

How does your little one sleep? Are they good nappers or not? Any napping tips would be really appreciated!

Kirsty x

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