Monday, 15 September 2014

Banana Baby

few weeks ago I told you about Our Weaning Experience So Far and I thought I would update you on the progress we've been having. At that stage I had only been giving Logan Baby Porridge and Baby Rice which went really well. So we thought we'd up the game and try him with some actual fruit and vegetables. 

I though I would go with a Baby Led Weaning approach as I liked the idea of Logan exploring foods himself and learning early on how to feed himself. I wanted to give him banana as his first taste of 'real' food but in hindsight banana isn't really the easiest thing for a baby to hold especially when he has no idea what he's supposed to be doing. I chopped the banana in half and peeled half of it so he still had a little handle to hold on to but he wasn't sure what to do with the handle or how to hold and it and I think it was a bit heavy so he kept dropping it so I mashed it up instead and I spoon fed him it. With the first spoonful I don't think he has looked more disgusted in all his life (until he tried carrot that is)

However once he got used to the taste he really enjoyed it, so much so that today we encouraged him to eat the banana himself and he managed to hold the little peel handle and eat it himself. He didn't drop it too many times.

After the initial taste, Logan is really enjoying exploring new flavours and textures. I think from now one I will purée everything till he has familiarised himself with the taste first then allow him to attempt the foods for himself. Who knew eating fruit and veg could be so much fun.

Kirsty x

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