Monday, 8 September 2014

Sleep Training

You don't appreciate how precious and difficult sleep can be until you have a baby. From the day we left the hospital I have nursed Logan to sleep. Before you judge me: I now know it was a huge mistake to make. However at the time, it's just how it happened. I think even in his first few weeks I knew I was creating problems for myself by allowing it to happen.

While he was still a 'newborn' he did nap during the day but once he left this stage the naps ceased. Wouldn't matter what I tried, he would rarely sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. It was completely to his detriment. When he would get up in the morning he would be a delightful little guy, as the morning wore on you could see him gradually get grumpier till it hit the afternoon and he would be a full on terror. Don't get me wrong this wasn't every day, but it started to become more often that not. Regardless of how tired he got however he just would not sleep. At first we just assumed that he'd grow into it, that he'd magically begin to nap. As the weeks passed I began to realise this was never going to happen. I'd have to teach him to fall asleep.

Last week I decided to try sleep training. I wasnt 100% sure how I was going to do it but I knew consistency was the key. Ive never been one for parenting books. Iv'e never bought one and I don't intend to. I think all babies and most situations are different and I think any help or information I need I can find online. So I cant say I am following a specific formula or set of instructions on how to teach Logan to fall asleep on his own during the day but I will tell you what we are trying and how successful/unsuccessful it is.

Kirsty x

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