Tuesday, 9 September 2014

5 Month Update

Weight: 16lbs 3oz. A whopping 7.35kg! You are totally in proportion though. Not tubby in the slightest. Just perfect.

Height: I still haven't measured you. I took you to get you weighed and the health Visitor didn't seem interested in measuring you so we'll just say you're long

Food: We introduced you to food this month and it seems to be going really well. I thought we would go with Baby Led Weaning at first but the few times I tried to give you chunks of pear and banana you didn't seem to like them in chunks but the minute I mashed them up you love them. Banana is definitely your favourite. Your'e really enjoying the Aptamil baby cereal and porridge too.

Routine: Not much has changed here. You're still feeding every 2 hours but we're now trying to nap. So every day around 1 you go down for a nap. We've brought your bedtime forward an hour so Daddy gives you your bottle at 7. Then mummy feeds you then puts you to bed at 8. Usually you're up to start the day at 7/8.

Sleep: We had a problem with sleep regression half way through month 4. At first I thought it was down to changing your bed time. But after a week I thought it might be down to something else. You would go down to sleep between half 8 and 9 o'clock but you would wake up crying, anywhere between 12 and 2, after a feed he'd go back to sleep till 6/7. After this went on for 10 days I thought it might be due to you learning to roll from your back to your front. Finally after 12 nights of interrupted sleep and one child genius who learned to roll over, you slept through the night again! Lets hope it continues!
Napping is the big change, for 2 weeks now you've gone down every day for a nap. At least 5 of out of the 14 days you have napped successfully, so we will keep going and hopefully it will become the norm.

Clothing: You have gone into 6-9 months clothing on the top half and baby grows but your tiny little bum is still in 3-6 months trousers, or 4-6 months if its from H&M.

Likes: Playing the drums. Your new thing recently is banging on everything, you spent a good 15 minutes one afternoon just banging away on my arm.

Dislikes: Naps still are not your favourite, but we are getting there. Being ignored, if you get left on your own for too long you will make everyone aware you wants attention. Being too warm. You cant stand being warm, the second you get too warm you sure let us know.

Milestones: You finally learned to roll from your back to your front. It took you a few days and you must have been dreaming about it, but finally you did it and you were oh so chuffed when you managed it. Hopefully this will be the beginning of you learning to sit up on your own. When youre on your tummy you put in a lot of concentration into pushing yourself up with your arms and pushing your legs around, but you've not quite got the crawling business down yet, hopefully wont be long though.
All in all you seemed to have grown up a lot in the last month. You seem so much bigger and you have so much control of your limbs and your back and neck.

Love Mummy


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