Monday, 29 September 2014

REVIEW Vanish Stain Remover - My New Best Friend

I always new that weaning would be a messy business however I didn't anticipate how disappointed I'd be when outfits got ruined because of strawberry stains! That was until I remembered about this little gem hiding in my cupboard. I'm pretty sure my mum bought this as an 'essential' when we moved into our flat and its one of those things that has sat quietly in my cupboard minding its own business, until now. There's always at least one thing in my washing machine that has been treated to a bit of Vanish.

Its really simple and quick to use. Give the bottle a quick shake, spray on the stained area, it advises to spray on both sides of the stain for best results. Leave it to sit for a minute or two then chuck it in the washing machine with the rest of your wash and voile the stain should be vanished. I say should because I've yet to try and remove every stain in the world and sadly it did not completely work its magic on an unfortunate Chicken Chasni stain on a white vest top. However I think had I treated it immediately and washed it quickly it probably would have came out, but I was at my mum at the time and by the time I was home I couldn't be bothered sticking a washing on. So I guess its my own fault I'm left with a faint orange stain.

I thought I'd show you the wonders it works on a mushed in banana stain. As beautifully modelled by my lovely assistant! 

The baby grow was a gift and one of my favourites so I really didn't want it to be ruined and as you can see its as good as new!

 When every penny is precious, especially in the run up to Christmas, its great to know clothes haven't been ruined my a little food. Vanish Stain Remover - something every mother needs in her arsenal.

Do you recommend any other stain removers that are even easier? Or that you find work wonders? I'd love to know

Kirsty x

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