Thursday, 15 January 2015

REVIEW | The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

A glorious, magical adventure like no other, following a courageous child as they track down the missing letters of their name. The beauty of the book is that each child’s name creates its own special, personalised tale.

Logan received this book as a gift from his Auntie Katie and it has to be one of the most precious things I have ever seen. It is the sweetest personalised story of a child who loses their name and goes on an adventure to recover it. Along the way they meet different animals and people who give him different letters and by the end of the story they have all the letters to make up their name. 
The website allows you to preview the book online so you can see exactly how the book would look before buying. 
The book is for children aged 2-6 but I think its a beautiful gift for any age. When I read it to Logan for the first time although he's only 9 months old he sat and listened to the whole story and was intrigued by the colourful pictures. 
Check it out for yourself at and enjoy seeing what creatures make up your little ones name.

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