Sunday, 18 January 2015

Last Week I...

Last week was a pretty quiet week for us. The weather here in Scotland was a bit all over the place which meant most of the week was spent indoors. Despite the snow we did get our new suite delivered (a hand me down from my uncle, but new to us!) The book I read this week was Beyond Grace's Rainbow by Carmel Harrington, still not sure if I enjoyed it yet, it made me cry and I couldn't stop reading it but there were quite a few things that annoyed me about it. We did manage a walk in the snow which meant I got to dust off my old sexy snow boots and Logan seemed to find the snow hilarious. The biggest achievement this week was Logan began pulling himself up on the furniture and now its all he wants to do. There have been a few bangs of the head but he seems to be getting the hang of it. All in all a quiet week for us. Tomorrow I officially finish my maternity leave and start back work. Wish me luck!

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