Monday, 12 January 2015

9 Month Update

Nothing has changed very drastically since last months update. For most of the month Logan has been a little angel. However for 10 days over Christmas he was the poorliest wee munchkin around. He had a really severe cold and he was a miserable little soul. He was really lethargic and wasn't eating. He had a really bad cough and a runny nose. We ended up taking him to the out of hours clinic at our local hospital the Sunday before Christmas, because he was really dehydrated and I got really worried in case it was serious but the doctor was lovely and effectively told us there was nothing wrong with him he just had a really severe cold but he said it in a nice way that didn't make me feel like a silly worrying mother, even though I was. Unfortunately he was still pretty ill over Christmas Day and Boxing Day so he spent most of the day sleeping. When he was awake he was a little angel and seemed to have a great time playing with all his new toys and eating wrapping paper and his Christmas Dinner.

It's not long until I go back to work (only 1 week) so maybe next month I'll notice a little difference in him when I'm not spending every minute of every day with him.

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