Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Baby Proofing Your Home

Now that Logan is on the move it has been essential for us to baby proof our flat. The number of potential hazards within our living room alone is not worth thinking about. So I thought I would share with you a few things we thought of and how we fixed them.

1. Plug Sockets
To a baby a plug socket looks like the most fun, dark holes, switches and it's right at their eye level. Although they look fun, of course they pose a great risk of electrocution. Thankfully it's very easy to take away the risk. Most safety kits like this Lindam Home Safety Kit you can buy at Argos for £9.99 come with plastic socket plugs. Put these in all your empty sockets and the problem is removed.

2. Doors
Apart from when you occasionally catch your arm, hip or belt loop on the door handle, doors don't seem that problematic to us. However to a little one it is their barrier into another world. It is easy to keep them closed and stop your baby wandering into other areas unsupervised but it is also very easy for small fingers to get trapped. Some safety kits come with door stops** but an even less expensive way would be to hang towel over the top of the door to stop it closing.

3. Coffee Tables and Occasional Tables
Great for displaying ornaments or sitting coffee cups on but it was the first thing Logan learned to pull himself up on and we quickly learned nothing was safe. Suddenly cases and candles and picture frames had to be re-homed somewhere safer. The corners of these tables also pose a big risk. Especially when they first find their feet, little ones aren't that well balanced and it doesn't take a second for them to go from upright to careering to the floor. Add a sharp corner into the mix and you could have a very nasty scratch or a bad bump on the head or worse. Again safety kits come with plastic or Rubber corner guards but is also just as easy to sellotape cotton wool to the corners or tape rolled up towels round the corners. It may not look the greatest but it's cheap and really after baby proofing what part of your house really looks that great anymore?

4. Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers.
I found it easiest to get down onto the floor and look at the potential hazards in the kitchen. As we have a cat there were two huge hazards in our kitchen, her food and her litter tray. So we found it easiest to put a safety gate between the living room and the kitchen. But even then there are a few cupboards I want to make sure Logan can never get into. The cupboard under the sink for example is where all the cleaning products are kept, from dishwasher tablets to bleach there isn't anything in the cupboard I'd want him touching so we got these IKEA Drawer /Cabinet Catches for £2.50 that stop any tiny fingers from reaching into places they shouldn't.

5. Bookcases
Stupidly when we first moved into our flat we didn't secure our bookcase to the wall. Obviously at the time we weren't planning that far in advanced but I wish we had used to bits provided and secured it because now that I need to secure the bookcase to the wall I cant find anything to do the job. Now that Logan is pulling himself up on furniture the bookcase poses a huge problem. Its on an even floor and is well built therefor shouldn't fall easily but I sure as hell don't want to take the risk. If you have seen or no of anywhere that we could buy some sort of device? to attach a bookcase to the wall then so let me know. 

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