Sunday, 11 January 2015

Last Week I...

Anything to help me blog more regularly is a winner for me so when Erin (my best friend and book Blogger from Erin's Choice) ran an idea by me about a post recapping her week, in pictures I thought it was something I could try too.

Each Sunday (time & lives permitting) we will post a little collage of pictures of our weeks. I know there a lot of posts around doing something similar but this is just a little something Erin and I thought we would try.

We've had a fairly quiet week, the rainy and snowy weather has meant we've spent a lot of our time indoors reading. Logan got a few That's Not My... books for his Christmas and we began reading them during the week and he melted my heart being such a clever boy and touching all the right bits with his little fingers. I'm not really sure what age they usually start understanding things like that but I was so proud that he understand what to do with the books. The rough velcro patches are definitely his favourite.
During nap time I love nothing more than settling down with a cup of tea and losing myself in a good book. My book of choice this week was Fall From India Place by Samantha Young. Loved the book a lot!
The one night I did venture out, I went shopping with Erin, the top right is a picture of Logan just before going to bed, Daddy got him ready for bed and would you believe, his pyjammas didn't match. Though i had a baby free evening so I wont complain too much.
I had another KIT day at work, preparing myself for my imminent return. Only 1 week left :(
I had one very successful evening of cooking. I decided to try a few Annabel Karmel recipes from the 9-12 Month section as Logan did turn 9 months on the 9th. All the new textures are a great new adventure for him.

Check out Erin's post: ErinsChoice

What have you been up to this week? Please link any of your similar posts in the comments below and I can have a look at what you've been doing.

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