Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Friendships With a Baby

I've seen a few posts from first time mums talking about friendships and changes in friendships since having their baby. I did start a similar post but then I thought why not get it straight from the horses mouth (No, I'm not calling you a horse ;)) so here's Erin's take on our evolving relationship.

In the middle August 2013 I was sitting on the balcony of our stateroom where the cruise ship we were touring the Greek Islands on was moored in Corfu. We had just arrived back after spending most of the day strolling on a coach tour and I was chilling on the balcony texting with my best friend. That’s where I was when I found out she was pregnant.
Kirsty and I have been best friends for over 7 years (the length of time over which they say a friendship will last a lifetime)we see each other every week and txt every day. When I found out she was pregnant I was properly elated for her because it was what she wanted and it had happened easily for her. There was a tiny part of my mind that wondered what changes there would be for our own relationship when there was a baby in the mix which may seem a bit selfish but it was true. However, it was never a huge concern.
Throughout her pregnancy we continued our normal chatting every single day and seeing each other once a week, I know everything about Kirsty so it was natural then to know everything about her pregnancy! Whereas our conversations might have revolved around Gossip Girl or the pros and cons of Chuck and Nate we now had a whole new set of topics to cover from baby grows to birthing. I already have two nephews so I was really looking forward to being an auntie to Kirsty’s baby too.
We threw a baby shower a couple of weeks before her due date and then it was a case of waiting for baby to arrive.
On the 9th of April Logan was born and that same night I visited Kirsty, her boyfriend Gavin and the baby for the first time. I loved his little chubby chops from that moment! 
From that day the only change to our relationship is that now I have a gorgeous little boy to dote on. I’m Auntie Erin to a gorgeous, clever little boy who is starting to develop his own personality and who is growing so quickly. It’s the first sign really, that we are starting to get older! We are no longer the teenagers who crushed on boys in the year above at school but adults and becoming parents (and aunties) with responsibility for another life. I love Kirsty long time and I am completely in love with Logan. Any wonders I had about our relationship changing after his arrival were completely forgotten when he came. We still speak every day but now we have added “awws” over Logan’s #BOOTD (Baby outfit of the day) or a video or two of him screaming in glee because either Kirsty or Gav are pulling a funny face. 
If anything he’s brought us even closer than we already were.

“Silence makes the real conversations between friends. Not the saying, but the never needing to say that counts” – Margaret Lee Runbeck

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