Saturday, 8 November 2014

What To Do With A 6 Month Old Baby

As Logan started to get more mobile and more aware of everything I started to worry I wouldn't have/know enough to keep him amused all day but I slowly realised the things I do on a day to day basis are what keep him amused. I don't need fancy toys and day trips to keep him happy. I just need me and a few odd things I can find round the house. Here are my top tips for keeping a 6 month old baby amused all day:

1. Talk
Just talking to him keeps him amused. Whether I'm telling him a story or simply talking nonsense he loves it. I usually just babble away and tell him what I'm doing as I do it. 'Picking up the glasses to put them in the kitchen cause we both know daddy won't do it' he'll end up babbling back to me and we can have a right wee conversation going.

2. Singing
I'll be the first to admit: I can't sing. I might love to sing but I'm tuneless. However that doesn't matter to Logan. Doesn't matter if it's just random noises, a nursery rhyme or the jingle to an advert that I can't get out my head, if I'm singing he's happy.

3. Bouncing 
Logan loves to be mobile and bouncing him up and down on my knees is great for keeping him smiling. 

4. Banging
I can give him a wooden spoon and sit him on the wooden floor and as long as I can stand the noise is as long as he'll be amused for. He's going to take after his daddy and be a drummer!

5. Cover his eyes
I suppose it's just a form of peek-a-boo. If I take his sock off his foot and place it over his eyes I love to watch his eyes light up as he manages to pull it off himself and he realises I'm still there! 

6. Playing in the mirror
I've yet to see a baby that doesn't like looking at themselves in the mirror. I can hold Logan in front of the mirror and he'll look at himself for ages! I don't blame him, he is a handsome chap.

7. Dancing
If I sit on the floor and stand him between my legs and hold his hand up in the air he immediately sticks his bum out to keep balance, I'll then wiggle his arms about so he wiggles his bum about and he finds it hilarious.

8. Reading
Books don't feature in Logan's bed time routine, because he is breastfed I always feed him to sleep and there's no real time for books so I try and read to him during the day. You don't need to have a big selection of books. Some simple sturdy wooden books for them to chew, with big bold pictures are great. They'll enjoy seeing the same images over and over again. Logan loves any story read in a funny voice.

Do you have any other cheap and easy ways to keep your little one amused?


  1. Great post. Agree about the mirror thing, Jasmine can stare at herself in the mirror for ages. I would too if I looked as cute as she did! ;)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Thanks Jenna. I know, you cant blame them when they are so adorable! xx