Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Storage Solutions

*As any first time mother will tell you: baby's come with a lot of stuff. And it's not just small little dinky-sized baby stuff like teddies and baby grows. It's mammoth big things like cots and prams and baby baths and jumperoos. Then there is all the things that aren't really baby related but they still seem to multiply. Towels, I seem to have 10 more towels than I did before baby arrived, when infact I have the same amount.

So anyway, the one thing that I love is storage. I don't mind clutter, as long as its hidden away in a cupboard or drawer. So I thought I would show you some different storage solutions to help keep your home in order while there is a small person trying their hardest to mess it up again.

1. 3 Seagrass Storage Baskets | Argos
I love these baskets! They are so useful for chucking in those little bits and pieces that don't quite have a real home. You can stack like I have in the picture, but usually we have them hiding out of the way under our side tables or coffee table. We have everything from XBox & Playstation controllers to junk mail and cat toys stored in ours we even have drumsticks and a drum pad in one (see what I mean about things that don't really have a home?!). You can pick them up in loads of different places but we got these for £9.99, in my 'go to' shop, Argos.

2. Canvas Boys Drawer Tower | Argos
 This storage is ideal for a little boys room. It is also available with Pink, Purple and Green drawers for a little girls room and they are only £21.99 from Argos. I'm not sure if these are exclusive to Argos but I couldn't seem to see them anywhere else online. At the moment we have dribble bibs, old baby grows that I can't bare to through out and toys in our drawers. The drawers are nice and deep so they fit a lot in. They are also super simple to build, even though I am a DIY master, I had them built in under 10 minutes.

3. Natural Table Set of 3 Storage Boxes | Laura Ashley
Sadly I don't own these boxes but I really wish I did. They are beautiful! Though I think pretty much everything from Laura Ashley is beautiful (don't get me started on their Christmas stuff). They would look gorgeous sitting in the corner of my living room, they would look so fancy that no one need know they were filled full of crap! On sale these boxes are only £26, not bad for LA!

4. Pair of Underbed Storage Boxes | ArgosThese were essential for us when Logan was born because of all the clothes we were given. A lot of the gifts were in bigger sizes and as his wardrobe wasn't big enough to hold all the extra clothes , I had nowhere to keep them. So I made a quick trip to... yip you guessed it, Argos! And picked these up for only £14.99 for the pair. Now that he's made his way through most of those clothes, I keep his bed covers and towels in them. If blue isn't for you can also get them in pink and white.

5.Racking Systems |
One thing I would love, but don't have living in a flat, is a garage. I would love to have a room that wasn't actually in my house that was solely dedicated to storage. Something like this racking from
Warehouse Storage Solution LTD would be ideal. It has adjustable shelves so you would be able to house... anything! I could make lists and make labels and I could get so carried away! It is strong and sturdy and would be able to hold mostly everything.

Just a few ideas of some storage solutions you could use around your house and garage.

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  1. I love underbed storage boxes - so useful! Hubby is currently measuring up the garage for racking so we are getting more organised. Great post and some lovely storage ideas :-)