Monday, 10 November 2014

7 Month Update

I wont say that same thing that everyone says at the beginning of updates, but you know I'm thinking it ;)

He is 8.6kg which is 18lbs 15oz. He was 4.4kg when he was born so he is very nearly almost double his birth weight! We are hoping to get him in his new car seat very soon because he absolutely hates his baby seat now. Hopefully he can put 0.4kg on super quick.

He is coming on really well with his food. He's starting to eat more 'real' food, favorites being toast & butter and cucumber.

His routine is becoming more predictable. He wakes up at 7, even if he wakes a little before 7 I will leave him in his cot till then. He has his first feed then we come through to the living room and he plays for a while till I have my breakfast. Then I fix his porridge around 8. Between 9:30 and 10 he will have his second feed and go for a nap. He will sleep for at least and hour here, if were lucky then its 2. Once he gets up he has another feed then his lunch. Depending on what were doing for the day, we will get ready and go out or stay in and play. Dinner is around 4:30 depending on when he is hungry. He will have his formula feed from his daddy at 18:30 then I feed him to sleep at 19:30.

Sleep has been a bit all over the place recently. He has been waking up usually at 10 then again at 11 for no obvious reason, he wakes up crying but the minute he gets lifted out his cot he stops and goes straight back to sleep. Usually he doesn't even fully wake up. Usually that's him until 7am then other times he will wake again at 1 or 2, usually again he will go straight back to sleep unless he wakes screaming blue murder because his gums are sore, in which case I'll give him some calpol and feed him back to sleep.

He is still in 6-9 months. Maybe another month and he will be going up a size. I have been looking at clothes for ages so Iv'e got his next wardrobe all planned!

Being around me, He can get quite upset when he can't see me. He is happy to play away on his own as long as he can see or at the very least hear me. The minute he thinks I've vanished all hell breaks loose.

Brocolli, takes after his mummy :)

I am so proud to say he can finally sit up. I thought it would never come and I was stupidly starting to get a bit disheartened about it and then all of a sudden one day I sat him down and he didnt immediately topple over. He hasn't mastered it completely, he will only last a few minutes before falling over, but he is getting better day by day. Crawling won't be far of either I hope. He could never master both getting up on his arms and knees at the same time, but now he can and he will bounce back and forth and push himself backwards.


  1. He is adorable :) I can't wait until Aidan can sit up, he's getting so annoyed that he's not able x

  2. Thank you Ellen. I know, they get so frustrated when they can't do something. Hopefully your little one will get it soon xx

  3. Such a cutie!

    My 7 month old is exactly the same if the room. Screams and screams and screams! I think it's quite common at this age. I read somewhere that it's around now that baby's realise that they are 'separate' from mum and they are their own person. I guess it must be a bit weird for them xx