Tuesday, 18 November 2014

REVIEW PicStick Photo Magnets

Before I had a baby I was not a photo person. I didn't take a lot of pictures and I didn't have a lot of pictures on show in my house. Then I had a baby and that all changed! My phone is never away because I am constantly snapping away taking pictures of Logan and now I want to display them everywhere! So when I got the opportunity to try out some photo magnets, I jumped at the chance.

PicStick are an online company that create photo magnets from you cherished pictures. You can upload to their from your phone, computer, tablet or Facebook and they will great high quality and durable magnets. Each sheet of 9 magnets cost £9.50/$14.99 and postage is free! They aim to post your order within one working day of placing your order. I ordered my magnets on the 7th of November but they weren't posted until the 10th and I received them on the 11th. So it was a little longer than one working day but I wont complain too much when the postage is free.

 I'm really pleased with the outcome. They are good quality and very robust so they will last a long time. The website claims that you can rip/pull them apart at the perforations and although the pictures themselves were not attached to each other they magnets were and weren't noticeably perforated so I had to cut them with scissors, which was easy enough to do.

The picture quality is decent. Obviously the better quality picture you use the better the magnet will be. You can see from the picture above the slight difference in quality, the original of the picture on the right is darker therefor the quality of the magnet is a bit less but on the whole I think the quality is good for the size of them.

The wonderful people over at PicStick have given me a unique code for you guys to get 25% percent off your order. Use the code: SOCKS25 and you can get your sheet for only £7.13! They are superb to bring a bit of life to a boring fridge door. They make the perfect Christmas gift, I gave a couple to my mum and mother-in-law and they love them!

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