Saturday, 22 November 2014

REVIEW Cosatto Zoomi Zowee

When choosing something as important as a car seat there are a lot of things to consider: safety, reliability, price, comfort and more. So when it came to shopping for Logan's next car seat we went with the Cosatto Zoomi.

The Zoomi is a Group 1-2-3 car seat which means it will do him from 9kg to 36kg which is roughly 9 months to 12 years. We decided to go for a group 1-2-3 so it will last him longer. You can remove the padding, the harness, the head rest then the back to convert it into a booster seat. From a financial point of view it made more sense to get one that will last him as long as possible because car seats don't come cheap!

Cosatto is a well known and trusted brand so I knew they would be great from a safety point of view. Because the car seat no longer uses the ISOfix base I wanted a car seat with a 5 point harness for extra safety. I fell in love with the designs of the Zoomi, they come in 9 different quirky designs so there's something to suit everyone. We went for the Zowee with its lightning bolt design, however I think this design was coming to the end of its run because its now no longer available on the Cosatto website. I'm glad we got it just in time!

Something we always do is shop around to find the best price, so after a quick search online we came across a website we had never seen or used before but a company we will definitely use again Lesters Nursery World. We initially bought the seat from here because of the price but we wouldn't hesitate to buy from them in the future, the service was second to none! We ordered the car seat on the Thursday morning and it arrived the very next day! We received an email to say delivery would be between 12 and 1pm and at 12 o'clock on the dot it appeared. When the delivery is free on all orders over £50 you don't really get better than that!

Doesn't he look super chuffed to be trying out his new car seat? Even if it is just in the house! We've now got it in the car and it seems to be a huge success! He's much comfier now than he was in his first seat.

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  1. i love cosatto car seats they are what we use for the girls I'm on the hunt now for a third as potties grown out of her little maxi cosy one x