Tuesday, 9 December 2014

REVIEW | Sudocrem Care & Protect

When I was asked if we wanted to try Sudocrem Care & Protect I said yes (because, lets be honest,  who doesn't like free stuff?) but I was a bit dubious as to how much we'd use it. In nearly 8 months I could count in one hand the amount of we have used the normal cream because Logan has never really been bothered with nappy rash. However I thought we would take it and give it ago and I must say I am so glad I did.

Although I feel like Logan has been teething for what feels like forever it's only really came to a head in the past week or two (on that note WE FINALLY HAVE A TOOTH!!!) and one of the side effects of teething can be a sore bum and I am so glad I had Care & Protect to help us out.

I am not the biggest fan of normal Sudocrem. Although I own 2 tubs of it, I dislike the smell and I really dislike the consistency and texture. So I was really pleased when I first used it and the consistency is totally different. Its in a squeazy tube and is a lot runnier than the normal stuff. Well considering the normal stuff isn't runny in the slightest it wasn't hard. I always felt the original Sudocrem is really hard to rub in. No matter how much I rub it in it still seems to stay this white paste, I was really pleased when this one works pretty much like a moisturising cream. It has the same smell as the original but its not as strong.
You may wonder why I ever had the original Sudocrem when I hate it so much, I had it because it works and I'm glad to say that one works even better.

The day before Mr Tooth popped through Logan woke up with an awfully red bum, so I thought I would give the Care & Protect a go. By that evening the red bum had pretty much vanished. I applied a layer of the cream at every nappy change and it quickly cleared right up.

For any little ones that are plagued by nappy rash or anyone with teething babies I would definitely recommend you try Sudocrem's Care & Protect.

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