Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Baby's First Christmas on Etsy

I just love Etsy. It is full of hidden gems and little independent companies that make some gorgeous stuff. I didn't buy much before I had Logan, but now I love going on and searching through all the gorgeous handmade stuff. Etsy make it really easy for favourite the stuff you love so right now my Etsy favourites are looking rather Christmassy so I thought I would show you some of the items and shops that I'm loving!

Christmas Personalised Baby Blanket Snowman Flannel Print with Red Dot Minky Back | babyboos
Babyboos are based in California and do some super adorable blankets. They have a fabulous Christmas range from Blankets to Stockings. These blankets come in loads of different sizes from comforters to cot blankets. They can be customised with baby's name. The designs are lovely but this one is definitely my favourite, I think it will be an essential Christmas purchase for Logan's cot. Sometimes I think blankets like this can be quite expensive but these are really affordable at £22.97.

Baby's First Christmas Personalised Print | Blingprints
As I've said before I love prints like this and this Christmas one from Blingprints is no exception. these can be customised to include baby's name, date of birth, birth weight, and any other words or phrases that you want to include. You can buy the print on its own for £18 or you can buy it framed for £28 which I think is slightly on the pricey side but then I wouldn't have the patience to try it myself so maybe its worth it

Baby's First Christmas Ornament | Mooseberry Paper Co
I have never been as obsessed with Christmas Tree Ornaments as I am now that it's Logan's first Christmas. I already have a gorgeous red, sparkly one with his name on it that I got at our local garden centre but I love this one. I love the simplicity of it, I love the wooden effect and I love the fawn, what more could you want in a tree ornament.

Merry Christmas Baby Vest | OakTees
OK the biggest thing I love about OakTees is the Harry Potter vests they have but in the spirit of Christmas I didn't think that would fit in with the theme. So its lucky that they have some adorable Christmas inspired clothing. They have quite a few different pieces but this vest is my favourite. They have 5 colours to chose from but I'm partial to a bit of grey. Simple but christmassy!

Red Snowflake Deer Leggings | PiratesandPeonies
Little leggings are my ultimate favourite so I was overjoyed when I found these ones. PiratesandPeonies have a fantastic range of children's leggings and a great range of Christmas ones. They have loads of really nice Christmas designs ad they look super comfy. I could be tempted to buy 5 different pairs and dress Logan in only Christmas leggings for the whole of December

Are you going all out for your baby's first Christmas?

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