Wednesday, 17 December 2014

8 Month Update

It's scary how much Logan has changed in the last month. Slowly but surely he is chilling out and becoming a much easier little chap.

The biggest change from last month is: we finally have teeth. His two front bottom teeth are through and they came without much hassle. The day the first tooth actually cut through the gum he was a bit grumpy.A walk had to be thwarted not long after we left the house because he wouldn't stop crying, but after a dose of Calpol and teething gel he calmed down and the second one popped up a few days later. The top two on the other hand are a totally different kettle of fish. I can feel both of them right above the gum just fighting to get out and Logan has been the grumpiest little boy ever for the past 3 days. Typically both Gavin and my mum are working so I'm stuck in with a baby that only wants cuddled all day or else he lets you know that anything else is totally unacceptable.

He is showing a lot more affection. When he gets upset he always looks for me and sometimes, much to daddy's hatred, only in my arms will he calm down. Though sometimes its the other way around and I hate it!

He has juts started wearing his 9-12 month clothing. As always he goes up a size a month early.I bought him a few bits and pieces from Zara and Matalan but with Christmas just around the corner i didn't go too crazy because I know my mum and my brother have bought him some clothing. So once Christmas is over and done with I'll take another look at his wardrobe and see if there is anything else he needs.

Sleep has seen a bit of a change. Check out my separate post on our experience with the Controlled Timed Crying Technique here where I go into greater detail on his change in sleeping.

His routine is now pretty consistent and pretty similar to last month but with more naps and less breastfeeding! He wakes at 6 am and has a boob feed, we then come through to the living room and I set some of his toys out around him and he amuses himself while I make and then have my own breakfast. I'll then get his ready and he'll have that around 8. He'll then go in his Jumperoo while I go for a shower. Once I'm ready, I'll get Logan dressed for the day then he'll have a bottle of formula usually having anywhere between 4 & 6oz. He'll then go down for his morning nap at 10 usually sleeping for an hour. Once he is up we'll get on with whatever we are doing that day. On a Monday we have Rhyme Time at the library and Tuesday is our Toddler group but these are the only 'groups' we go to each week. He'll have his lunch around 12 and another bottle at 2, again taking anywhere between 4 & 6oz. He goes down for his afternoon nap after this bottle and usually sleeps for another hour though his record is 2 hours and 40 minutes though that was a particularly bad teething day so I think he just wanted to sleep off the pain. He then gets his dinner around 4, another bottle at 6 of 6oz then I give him another boob feed at 7 then he's off to bed. He gets a bath every other night which happens between dinner and last bottle feed. Obviously this changes from day to day, he's been in a bad habit of waking at 5/5:30am the past 2 weeks but then one of his naps usually lasts longer or starts earlier so it naturally throws everything back on schedule.

This month seems to be the month of milestones, he's falling asleep himself, napping well, he has teeth and he can crawl! Its an army man crawl but it does him just fine. I thought he would learn to crawl the conventional way because last month he was getting himself on to his hands and knee's but this never developed into a crawl, he's still doing it but he's now going onto his hands and his feet and sticking his bum in the air. He can quite quite quickly get everywhere just by crawling around on his tummy using his feet to push him forward and his arms to pull him along. This freedom to move now means he is in at EVERYTHING. Wires are his favourite, PlayStations, XBoxs, Laptops, Lights, Christmas Tree Lights, you name it, he wants it. Most of these things are hidden away behind cushions but he still finds them. His new favourite thing is sneaking into the kitchen behind me and sticking his fists into the cats food, luckily he's only managed to get to it once, but he's attempted it far too many times. My next purchase will be a baby gate for the kitchen!

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