Tuesday, 30 December 2014

REVIEW | The Gro-light by The Gro-Company

The Gro-light was something I was really interested in. I don't have enough space in Logan's room for a bedside lampso anytime we need to use a light in his room it has to be the big light, which I hate. I hate the ugly light and I hate the harshness of it but I didn't really have another option, until The Gro-company got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their Gro-light.

'The Gro–light fits easily to your normal overhead light or bedside lamp and fills your baby’s room with a soft glow when you flick the light switch once. Use it as a nightlight, or simply to check on your baby without waking them. Flick the switch twice and you've got your usual full light back'

I loved that this would fit into our existing light and I didn't need to worry about more wire's in Logan's room or finding space to sit a light. It wasn't so much the night-light aspect that I wanted. It was a small light that I could use to check on him and a light that I could put on in the morning when first going into his room that wasn't harsh and didn't blind him when he had just woken up.

The light is really easy to fit. It has a bayonet fitting and just fits in above your own bulb. To fit it you just take out your bulb, fit this into the light fitting then pop your bulb into the Gro-light. Goodness knows the mechanics behind it but if you flick your light switch once the night light comes on and if you switch it off and back on again it comes on as the normal light. The light from the Gro-light is really gentle and adds a lovely soft glow to the room. It's ideal to flick on when you first enter the room and let your little one's eyes adjust to a little bit of light before sticking the full light on.

It does take a bit of getting used to. There were a few times I thought the bulb had blown because I'd flicked the switch and hadn't got the same level of light I was used to. If you flick the switch twice, for the big light, too quickly it won't register and will still only give you the night light which can get a bit annoying when you're in a rush, but we've had it in for a few weeks now and I'm getting used to it.

I would say this addition to your light is ideal for anyone who doesn't have a lot of extra space for a bedside light or for a little one who likes a night-light when they sleep.

Have you used the Gro-light? What do you think?

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