Monday, 30 June 2014

Baby HAUL!

Well my little guy will be 3 months old on the 9th of July, oh how time flies, I honestly can't believe he's been in our lives for nearly a whole 3 months! Crazy. As if right on cue I'm noticing his 0-3 months clothing getting a bit tight on him, so before I take the tags off and start washing the stuff I thought I'd do a little haul of some of my favourite pieces in his new wardrobe. Some of the items were gifts so naturally I don't know/have all the prices, but I'll try and put the prices in where I can. 

First up are these vests. Not overly exciting but a necessity. When you go through so many vests and they're rarely ever seen I don't like spending a lot of money on them but I do still like a bit of quality and I think these Matalan ones are great. £5.50 for a pack of 5 and they're super soft and thick and feel really nice. Plain and simple and super.

Another few things from Matalan. I picked up this Zebra vest at the same time as the vests. I only went in for the vests but at £6 I couldn't resist this. I love Zebras and I love the unusual colours. I love Grey, navy and anything nautical in baby boy clothes but this was something different that will go lovely with a pair of jeans or chinos. This other outfit was a gift and I just love the trousers. The Tshirt is great quality as well and will be a lovely every day outfit.

Gap has never really been somewhere I've shopped, for myself or for Logan. I guess it's a bit on the expensive side for me. However we recieved these as gifts from a family friend and my boss and I love it. The baby grows are great quality and I just love that cheeky whale. I love the blue jumper, a typical GAP jumper, that I'm really glad Logan has because I remember having one when I was younger and the jacket is just gorgeous!

Somewhere I am loving for baby clothes is H&M. The prices are great for the quality that you get. These tops caught my eye when we first started shopping for baby stuff what feels like years ago!

So far my most favourite place for great quality baby clothes is Debenhams. The J by Jasper Conran range is beautiful. A lot of it is the Nautical theme that I love and the quality is fantastic. I know you can get similar stuff for cheaper in supermarkets, Primark and Matalan etc, but when you're washing some of this stuff every day I don't mind paying that bit extra to get nice stuff that will last a bit longer. These babygrow a were all £12 for a 2 pack, and I adore them. So much so I had the middle pack in 0-3 months and I loved it that much I bought it in 3-6 months! The 3 peice set was a gift and I can't wait to put him in it.

Logan has started dribbling. A lot. I didn't think he'd be much of a dribbler because at first he didn't. But clearly every else knew he would be because we got THOUSANDS of bib sets. However most of them were the generic round bibs that I think stick out like a sore thumb. I don't mind him wearing them when he's having his bottle cause they're flat and are more functional but when he's not feeding and needs a bib I love these triangular dribble bibs. I just think they look so cool. I picked up these 2 packs for £3 each in Matalan. Grey is my colour so these suit perfect.

Obviously with all this new stuff I've got to say goodbye to his old stuff. Logan weighed 10lb 12oz when he was born so there were a few items he never fitted into and because they grow so quickly there's just been a few bits that he's rarely worn so I've boxed these up to go into the loft. Although were not planning another baby any time soon there's no way I'm throwing this stuff out. It pays to be prepared!

Kirsty x

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