Sunday, 22 June 2014

REVIEW - Bugaboo Cameleon 3

I first started looking at prams & travel systems before I even fell pregnant (I like to be prepared!) and quite quickly I fell inlove with the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. I'm the type of person that once I decide on something I don't change my mind so when I was only 2 months pregnant we ordered our Bugaboo. I had read plenty of reviews, the good and the bad and decided the Bugaboo best suited our needs. The Cameleon comes in a wide variety of colours and usually have some beautiful limited edition designs and patterns. We chose the black base with orange accessories, this was before we knew we were having a boy and thought the orange would be gender neutral. 
It is one of the more expensive travel systems out there but I'm of the opinion you get you pay for. We opted for the carry cot and the push chair as I liked the idea of getting the use out of the carrycot in the first few months. I just love the look of a tiny baby in a carrycot. I think the quality of the pram justifies the price. We looked at cheaper prams to make sure we weren't just paying for a brand, but I didn't find one that felt as great as the Bugaboo. 

The pram is so easy to manoeuvre. The one thing my mum always says when she pushes it, wether it be the carrycot or the car seat is 'it's a dream to push' the chassis on it's own is lightweight and relatively easy to fold so I can manage it on my own when I'm out without my boyfriend. The chassis fits into the boot of my Vauxhall Astra easily. My only problem so far is I can't fit the carrycot in the boot as well as the chassis without dismantling the carrycot which is too time consuming for my liking. This could also be down to the amount of other crap I have in my boot. However considering I've only once wanted to leave the house with both the car seat and the carrycot it's not too much of an issue for us. The wheels are nice and chunky which I like. It makes it feel sturdier but the front wheels are nice and small that it can turn quickly and easily. The mattress cover is black and fleecy which means you see every piece of dust and cat hair that it attracts. However it feels super comfy and baby seems to like it.
Car seat
We have the Recaro Young Profi Plus car seat which attaches to the chassis with the adapters. This is the only part which I think lets the Cameleon down slightly. I find the car seat quite difficult to get on and off the chassis. Firstly the adapters aren't marked left or right so I ALWAYS end up putting them on the wrong side, which is really annoying if I'm out on my own or it's raining and I need to waste time sitting the baby down to switch the adapters. If baby's asleep when I try to take the seat off the chassis I'm guaranteed to wake him up as it always takes a bit of a wiggle to get the seat off. I think we'd have the same problem with any car seat, I think the adapters are just difficult.

I think the Cameleon is good value for money. It's easy to use, a dream to push and lovely to look at. I think we will get a lot of use out of it for years to come.

What pram/travel system/stroller do you have? Any other recommendations?

Kirsty x

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